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Olly - Chrysalis Volunteer of the Month Feb 2021

2021 February – Olly

The office team were blown away with how Olly brought our latest TNQ group together, having just stepped up into a facilitator role, and is always there to cover other groups when their facilitator is off. Also would you just LOOK at his chinchilla, Worf  😍
chrysalis volunteer of the month - jan 2021 Deanna

2021 January – Deanna

Deanna helps with so many aspects of Chrysalis, from monitoring social media to facilitating multiple groups.

She has really stepped up this month taking on more responsibilities to help us expand our services & support more people.

Fraedan - Chrysalis Volunteer of the Month Dec 2020

2020 December – Fraedan

Our Volunteer of the Month for December is Fraedan, who has been going above and beyond the call of duty for several months now!

Here are some words about the positive impact they’ve had on our members, from someone they help to support:

“Fraedan has a lightness that really impresses upon me. Positive and professional in our sessions, they always recall things from previous sessions to contextually explore issues I’m dealing with that week. Their knowledge of trans related issues and terminology is phenomenal for a person who looks so young! I’ve learned so much and I definitely recognise that Fraedan is especially adept at challenging my negative, self-deprecating barbs, to the extent that when I hear them nervously say ‘feel free to tell me to shut up – but’ – I know that I’m going to chuckle a little and my week is going to be better!

One session in that first month had me testing boundaries, blurring lines of key worker and counsel, that I am confident will be concisely recorded in my file. Fraedan was there for me, describing the systems to support when unstable and listening without judgement. That session overran a lot but I never felt pressured to sign off – for that I am grateful because I can mark it as one that changed me for the better.

I’m in a more positive place now, and I’m really proud that Fraedan will always be a ‘key’ part of my journey.”

2020 11 ChrysalisGIM Volunteer-of-the-Month Joanne Lockwood

2020 November – Joanne Lockwood

“Jo Lockwood has long been a supporter of Chrysalis and reached out to me offering support and expertise when I took over back in 2017. Jo has been my mentor and is always there ready to share a coffee and bounce ideas around with. She’s introduced me to all sorts of great people, building Chrysalis’ connections on the national stage and endorsing my vision of a charity with a mission to make the world a place where everyone’s authenticity is celebrated and every trans person is “free to be me!”

Jo’s mantra is that she’ll do anything and if we want her help we just need to ask and so that’s what we did. Originally Jo was giving the keynote speech at the conference scheduled for April 2020, and so she was the first person Russell and I turned to when we conceived of an online conference. Jo is a professional and a talented one at that and nothing is too much to ask. Not only was she willing to donate her time and her Zoom and her skills she also gave the keynote speech and cohosted the entire day.

“I can’t thank Jo enough for the time, energy and dedication she donates to Chrysalis. With her support we are well on the way to achieving our goals.”
Andi Maratos – Chrysalis CEO

2020-10 ChrysalisGIM Volunteer-of-the-Month Sheila Elsey

2020 October – Sheila Elsey

“Our Volunteer of the Month for October is Sheila!

We tried to tally up all the volunteer hours Sheila put in on top of her usual Volunteer Coordinator responsibilities and frankly it was more than we can count. You all know Sheila as that dynamo of energy, kindness and support, we can’t thank her enough for everything she’s done for Chrysalis

2020-09 ChrysalisGIM Volunteer-of-the-Month Josie

2020 September – Josie

And a huge shout out to our volunteer of the month for September!

“Josie has been a constant volunteer throughout lockdown. Nothing was too much trouble when asked, especially when she was asked to help support and promote the Tour de Trans. Little did we know how she was going to throw herself into this project and sporting her rainbow trousers she followed the ride all around the country. We just want her to know how special she is to us here at Chrysalis and thank her for the many many hours of time she put into this project.”
Sheila, Volunteer Coordinator

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