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July 9, 2020
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Location: From home but will be required to attend office on occasions

Salary: Voluntary

Time commitment: 6 – 12 hours per month

Closing date: TBA

Role purpose: To support members on a one to one basis and to help with the reduction of isolation through different mediums.

To liaise with facilitators and office staff to communicate changes and needs of its members.

Further Details:

Hours: Hours will be negotiable based on how many of our members you are looking to support and how much supervision (based on number of supporting hours and level of competency) you will need. The hours above are suggested based on supporting 3-6 people plus supervision.

You will also be expected to attend initial and ongoing training and may be invited to meetings.

Responsible to: Volunteer coordinator, member support coordinator.

Personal qualities/skills:


  • Good listening skills and empathy
  • To keep all personal information of our members confidential
  • Good communication skills – able to work solo and communicate with the team
  • Ability to feedback important information to office/facilitators in a timely fashion – urgent information quickly, other information at regular intervals
  • Ability to use telephone calls, text messaging, video calls, email and online messaging as required by individuals you support
  • Good understanding of boundaries, time use and setting and staying within limits
  • Access to good internet connection and IT
  • Good equality and diversity ethos
  • Willing to learn more about what being trans* is/can be/can mean to people and the difficulties and positives it may bring for individuals in their everyday lives
  • Willing and able to embrace the Chrysalis ethos and principles and work toward Chrysalis aims and objectives
  • Ability to work as part of a team



  • Qualification in counselling or listening skills, level two or above
  • Good understanding of LGBTQ+ culture and potential difficulties – whether through personal experience or a good level of training.
  • Prior experience of supporting individuals (formally or informally)
  • Prior understanding of safeguarding
  • Prior understanding of mental ill health


Expectations of role:

The key worker will mainly be involved with making regular contact with a shortlist of specific members and offering one-to-one support, keeping up to date records of contacts made and communicating back to the office/line manager key information, including at times urgent updates and safeguarding issues.

There may be times at which the keyworker will need to follow an emergency plan to keep individuals safe.

Keyworkers will be expected to have regular supervision with the Volunteer Coordinator.

Training will be provided to enable keyworkers to carry out their role and fit into the existing Chrysalis structure.

To apply; please contact for more information, or download the application form below.

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