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Tour De Trans C-19 Policy

UPDATED: Mon 27 July 2020

Safeguarding the health and wellbeing of all involved with the Tour de Trans is and will remain our first priority. Accordingly the Tour de Trans and all associated activities will take place in compliance with relevant social conduct and group activity laws and guidelines applicable at the time

Whilst the fluid nature of the current situation makes it difficult and inappropriate to publish a detailed policy with reference to C-19 at this stage, these are some of the measures which may be stipulated:

  • Any non-cycling events to be held in open spaces so that social distancing can be maintainedAny activity or event will be size-limited to comply with prevailing laws governing gatherings
  • Riders to stay a bike length apart in all directions  at all times (people in the same household may ride closer)
  • Social distancing to be maintained at all times between households
  • Riders must not share water bottles, caps, gloves, helmets or sunglasses outside of their family unit
  • Each rider or family unit must have their own pump, spare tube and tyre levers so as repair flats
  • Access to and use of ablution facilities will be as specified by local council rules
  • The Tour de Trans will comply with rules and guidelines as laid out by the devolved administrations in Wales and Scotland

British Cycling has published guidance for group cycling activities, and these can be viewed here for more information.

Although we hope it will not be necessary, planned activities may be subject to changes at short notice and a degree of flexibility and adaptability will be required with regards to arrangements for the Tour.

This page will be updated regularly and more detailed information provided as soon as practicable.

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