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March 25, 2021
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Wednesday 31st March 2021 is Transgender day of Visibility.

Each year this event is an opportunity to get involved whether you are trans, non-binary, questioning, gender non-conforming, or an ally!

The event’s purposes are diverse and include

  • Provides awareness of trans and non-binary people requirements accessing services and the workplace
  • A celebration of transgender people’s contributions to society.
  • Recognition of historical problems encountered by trans people and recognition of individuals who have made a significant impact.

Things you can do.

Trans Verse II : launch night

by The Art House Southampton

A night of poetry performance on Trans Day of Visibility to celebrate the launch of Trans*(verse) 2: On the Other Side of Darkness – Poems of Survival, Resilience and Hope by Trans and Non-Binary Writers

Trans Day of Visibility – Professionals Awareness Event
Organised by The LGBT Foundation
To mark Trans Day of Visibility, explore how we can include trans people in services and in the workplace
Eventbright (Cost: Free)

Pink News

A great article explaining what TdoV is about and world wide events and a link to an online zoom event (WEDNESDAY, MARCH 31, 2021 AT 11 PM UTC+01):


Facebook Live Event hosted by Stonewall


Further Info

To find out more about TdoV here are hashtags to follow




Let us know if you find any other exiting things going on.

Our Shop

Don’t forget if you you would like to purchase a flag to celebrate Trans day of Visibility we have loads of merchandise to wear your identity with pride.

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