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Purple background with a wavy rainbow swirling from the bottom left to top right corner. At the centre of the image is a circular portrait of actor Ncuti Gatwa. On the left is a cut our portrait of gamer Vincent Wang. On the right is a cut out portrait of footballer Jake Daniels.
June 7, 2022
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The new Doctor who companion is a transgender woman. 

Yasmin  Finney,18, who is best known as Elle Argent on Heartstopper will join the Doctor Who cast in 2023. Playing a character called Rose. This makes her only the second ever transgender person to be in a TV episode of Doctor Who, and the first to appear in more than one episode. 


Jake Daniels has become the first UK professional footballer to come out as gay in over 30 years.

Jake Daniels, 17, plays forward for Blackpool and is the first player to come out publicly since Justin Fashanu in 1990. Others have come out as gay after retirement, but Daniels and Fashanu both came out during the early stages of their careers. He has said that he wants to “be a role model” and to help “others come out if they want to”. His actions have been widely praised by nearly everybody involved in English and Welsh football. 


The new White House press secretary is the first gay and black woman to ever hold the post.

Karine Jean Pierre became the new press secretary on the 16th of May, a month dominated by mass shootings in America. 


Professional League of Legends player, Biofrost, has come out as gay and has called for greater inclusivity in gaming and esports.

Vincent Wang, also known as Biofrost, plays for Dignitas’ League of Legends squad. He has garnered widespread support from fans and other gamers by publicly coming out as gay. He spoke about how the eSports industry as a whole is homophobic and sexist, and that they need to do a lot more to improve this. 


The church of Scotland finally voted to allow same-sex marriages.

Same-sex marriage has of course been legal in Scotland since 2014. But it has not been allowed in the church of Scotland. This vote from the general assembly of the church of Scotland voted to allow ministers to perform marriages. Technically, this puts them above the church of Wales and the church of England, who both have very complicated rules about same-sex marriage but which at the end of the day equate to not allowing official marriages between members of the church. 



Words by Jasmine

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