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May 14, 2021
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Wales elects first non binary Mayor.

Newly elected as the mayor of the city go Bangor, Owen J. Hercum becomes the first openly non binary mayor in the UK or indeed the world. They plan to use their position to enact change. “I’ll be wanting to use my term to promote Bangor as much as I can, bring in investment and interest and celebrate the multi cultural community that makes out city the greatness that it is,” they said that beyond just being a visible part of the LGBTQ+ community, they’re ready to be judged upon the action they take while in office.

Instagram adds pronouns feature to its profile settings.

Users of the app can now mark their pronouns in a specified section of their profile rather than having to squeeze them into screen names or bios – meaning we can save those precious characters to really express ourselves, whilst still being able to state our identities outright on our profile.

LGBT+ conversion therapy is to be banned in the UK.

The ban was announced in the Queen’s speech, meaning it will be one of the parliamentary focuses of this year. A short consultation period was also announced which will take place before the ban is legally binding. The consultation will consider religious freedom and protecting professionals, including therapists. This consultation will be public, so any relevant future information will be available through Chrysalis.


Star Wars might finally have its first transgender character.

Though this has not been confirmed by the show runners, the character Omega was introduced in the new Star Wars show the Bad Batch on Disney+. Without going into any of the story behind her, she has already created a lot of debate amongst fans and many people have already decided that she is transgender.


Tokyo 2020 will see its first transgender Olympian.

Laurel Hubbard, who is a weightlifter and who competes in the super heavyweight category. She has not officially been announced as a member of team New Zealand, but she has passed all the qualifying standards needed. So far none of the New Zealand weightlifting team has been announced. The International Olympic Committee rules are that testosterone levels need to be below 10 nanomoles per litre for one year, something which Hubbard has done for five years.


Joe Biden has just reversed another of Trump’s anti LGBT policies.

The Biden administration has said that LGBT people will now be protected from discrimination in healthcare. His administration has also made it very clear that they are exploring every available option to block this new wave of anti-transgender bills.

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