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March 18, 2021
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Census 2021

Gender identity is now included on the UK census.

This will allow the collection of crucial but simple data including is simply how many LGBT people that are in England and Wales. The deadline for this this is the 21st of March and remember that there is a fine of £1000 if you deliberately make false claims on this census. You can find out more about the new voluntary questions for LGBT+ people on our Census 20201 fact page.

2021-03-18 Bankhouse - Global Roundup

The UK’s first LGBT Retirement Community has been announced.

Called Bankhouse, and designed by architect Norman foster, it consists of 84 self contained apartments, restaurant, garden, community space and various high end amenities. Sales/ rentals of the apartments will begin in the spring through a company named Tonic.

2021-03-18 -raya - Global Roundup

The new Disney film, Raya and the Last Dragon, has potentially 2 LGBT firsts.

The first is that it’s the first film that included an openly transgender actor, Patti Harrison. And the second, though potentially a little tenuous, is that this film might feature their very first gay protagonist. Disney have not commented on this, but the voice actress said but is she played the character as gay. Reggie Greer - Global Roundup

Joe Biden stays true to his word by appointing senior advisor on LGBT+ issues

Joe Biden as appointed a senior adviser on LGBT issues. Reggie Greer has been appointed to help create the most LGBT+ inclusive administration.

One of their stated aims is to fight the epidemic of fines against transgender people at home and abroad

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