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Global Outreach
January 19, 2021
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In New York State a law has been passed stating that all single occupancy toilets should now be made gender neutral. That means anyone can use that space, regardless of their gender identity. Building in these inclusive spaces into every-day life makes it easier for trans and non binary people to go out and be their authentic self – without making themselves profoundly uncomfortable waiting to get home to answer natures call for fear of being judged or attacked by entering a single gender space which aligns with their gender identity.


Nevada has become the first state to protect its same sex marriage regulation. What does that mean? At the minute same sex marriage is allowed under federal law, which means it is possible in every state. However Nevada have taken an extra step and protected this law within state. That means that if the federal law changes in the future the provision for same sex marriage in the Silver State will remain unchanged. Hopefully some of the other more progressive states will also follow suit with this action.


The Israeli health ministry, after several years of consulting with various organisations, has de-classified being transgender as a mental health disorder. This is an enormous step forward for the country. Although it comes long after the World Health Organisation made the same decision, it is certainly a case of better late than never!


This week Channel 4 launches its new miniseries “It’s a Sin” by Russel T Davies, which takes a look at being gay in the 80’s. The series is a reflection of his personal experiences and how the community was in that area at the time. It also looks at the impact of the AIDs pandemic. The series features a number of queer actors including Neil Patrick Harris, Stephen Fry, and Years and Years front person Olly Alexander. The first episode airs at 9pm on the 22nd of January.


Comedian and TV personality Eddie Izzard has announced she will be using she/her pronouns going forward. Izzard has long been a public figure for gender diversity. She has previously described herself as being transgender and gender fluid. She has been completing more fundraising marathons this month (something she’s become particularly well known for). In true pandemic fashion each marathon is being completed on a treadmill, with a virtual stand up set at the end – all raising money for various causes.


Comedian Tom Allen appeared on Soccer Saturday as part of the rainbow laces campaign. In an interview with the Guardian he highlights that football should be for everyone. ‘Nobody should be made to feel that football isn’t for them’. The rainbow laces campaign gains more traction year on year and is a positive progression towards inclusivity in sport.

At the tail end of last year over 170 female and LGBTQ+ athletes, including US soccer star Megan Rapinoe, came together to support trans girls and women being able to play sports as their true gender identity. The athletes signed a legal brief, which was filed in Idaho. Earlier that year the state made a ruling against trans people competing in sports. Another cosignatory of the motion was former tennis player Billie-Jean King. She said “There is no place in any sport for discrimination of any kind. I am proud to support all transgender athletes who simply want the access and opportunity to compete in the sport they love. The global athletic community grows stronger when we welcome and champion all athletes – including LGBTQI+ athletes.”

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