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February 17, 2021
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February is LGBT History Month in the UK.

The theme this year is “Body, Mind, Spirit, Which is for second time being linked to PHSE at schools.  A great number of local fire stations and council headquarters are now flying the pride flag to celebrate.  Because of Covid, most events have had to go online but numerous virtual events are being held, the full details of which can be found at LGBT History Month and at OUTing the Past 

President Biden reverses ban on transgender people joining the US military.

The ban, which was one of President Trump’s, came into effect in 2019. It stopped transgender people joining, but in theory didn’t impact those that were already serving. President Biden had long promised to reverse this ban, and he signed it the executive order to do so in his first week in office.  

It’s a Sin Has dramatically boosted the national HIV testing rate.

The drama which is set during the AIDS crisis of the 1980s has continually achieved very positive reviews and has actually become the most viewed programme on All4, despite only being out for less than a month. Last week was National HIV Testing week and the charity responsible has reported a four fold increase in the number of tests ordered  


LGBT people are one step closer to equal rights in Florida. 

Following an executive order from   President Biden regarding anti discrimination and a declaration from the Florida Commission on human relations, it has been confirmed that Floridians can be protected from discrimination.  


The MCU it’s on the verge of introducing its first LGBT character.

WandaVision, the new programme on Disney+, has just introduced a character (Billy Maximoff, or Wiccan) that in the comic books is openly gay and is married to another male superhero. While the character is still a child and not a superhero yet, There are hints that he will grow up to become the gay superhero that has long been a favourite of queer comic book fans. 


Angola just decriminalised homosexuality.

The colonial era law banning same sex relationships was changed in 2020 but only came into effect on the 11th of February 2021. This low also bans discrimination based on sexual orientation, and carries a two year prison sentence for anyone that does commit discrimination. There are hopes that this law change will trigger changes throughout Africa.  

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