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Global Outreach
April 14, 2021
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A new HIV vaccine is one step closer

The phase one trial, which stimulates naive cells into producing neutralising antibodies , had a 97% success rate. The researchers are now partnering with moderna, of COVID vaccine fame, to develop and test amRNA based vaccine which could significantly speed up development.    

Whilst the vaccine is a way off being publicly available, people who are at ‘high risk’ of contracting the illness (people who have sexual intercourse with men), can now get PrEP from NHS sexual health clinics.

To find out more about sexual health, HIV prevention and screening visit: 


Joe Biden has overturned a decree which allowed discrimination against LGBstudents

 The Department of Justice has banned anti LGBT discrimination at all federally funded education institutions, which was allowed during trump’s presidencyThis move will become incredibly important in the future as the  US faces it’s ongoing wave of anti LGBT laws, something which the Biden administration has vowed to fight.  


Two more professional athletes have come out as LGBT

Corey Walsh is one of the leading BMX riders in the world and has come out as gay, and Nikki Hiltz, who is an elite runner has come out as transgender and non binaryBoth of these sports have very few openly LGBT athletes. 

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