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December 20, 2019
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After a lot of planning and consideration, last week saw the first Trans* and Questioning Support Group in Bournemouth. Our Dorset Area Co-ordinator Julie said the evening “Overall went very well,” and “Bearing in mind that as of this Monday at 9am we had no signed-up beneficiaries, I was pleased with how successful the evening turned out.” Julie spoke very highly of all of the team involved in making the first session happen.

Earlier this week, Dawn made a series of phone calls to people who had connected with us at Bourne Free, where Julie and others in the Chrysalis team held a stand. Julie followed up Dawn’s calls later in the day, securing enough attendees to run the first Bournemouth T&Q support group – with another signed up for the following session too.

In a workshop Julie talked about Chrysalis as a charity and other services who operate in the building, she read through the Meeting Centre Agreement, covering boundaries and guidelines that we should follow in the encounter group (utilizing Max’s Southampton guidelines).

Our trained counsellors then gave 1-1 counselling for half an hour to each of the beneficiaries, and then the counsellors left for the evening.

Julie then held the Encounter Group with the attendees, a safe space where everyone gets a chance to talk about what’s going on in their life at the moment. It was a very positive and fulfilling session, with both people opening up and discussing their gender identity issues. At the end of the Encounter Group both beneficiaries indicated they were more than happy that the evening met their expectations.

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