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Cartoon style illustration of two people waving a transgender pride flag. Text reads "Allies are amazing. CEO's blog. Why Gender Identity Matters in 2020
November 2, 2020
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It’s 2020 and the times they are indeed a changing, with Chrysalis leading the way. Today my blog draws together the themes of November. Building that bigger picture of which we are all a part.

Fly the trans flag

If you’ve been following our social media over the last few weeks then you will have seen some of the great ways that you can be an ally, hints and tips that help make someone else’s life that bit easier, that bit better. It can be as simple as getting pronouns right or working behind the scenes to neutralise gendered language in policy documents.

This November marks our third year of the #flythetransflag campain where we give allies the opportunity to shine, to make your voices loud and to show the incredible support and progress that has been made individually, behind the scenes and culturally to trans inclusion, understanding and acceptance.

This lockdown doesn’t mean that you can’t still get involved, this year Chrysalis has been busier than ever and we continue to grow the support we offer, enabling more volunteers to support more people, starting new groups and working hard as ever on making the world a better place. By sharing our posts and donating to the campaign you are flying the flag, showing people that it’s OK to be trans, that being authentic is awesome.

Trans Awareness Week

Flying those flags during trans awareness week (13th to 19th November) is one way that you can take part in educating the public about what it is to be trans, raising awareness that inclusion and acceptance is the way forward. Trans awareness week is a time for sharing stories about all aspects of being trans, celebrating the power of transition and self discovery, but also for taking a moment to think about some of the challenges brought about by denial, abuse and discrimination.

Transgender Day Of Remembrance

On the 20th November trans people and their allies around the world take a moment to remember all those who have lost their lives through anti-transgender violence in the last year. A moment to remember those who lost their battle but also to recognise that despite fear, denial, abuse and discrimination living authentically was still their best choice. A time to mourn their passing, mourn the damage done to them but also to celebrate their lives. To see their faces and hear their names for one last time.

Every year I take a moment (a long moment) to type out all those names, to take a note of the increasing number and to reflect on all the lives made smaller by the passing of their loved ones. To think a bit about who they might have been, and to look into their eyes and see the happiness that caused them to chose that photo above all others to be their public face on social media

Every year Chrysalis has held a small remembrance ceremony for TDOR, lit a candle at our meeting,  and worked with the wider community to promote and attend events. This year is no different, this year we are compiling a list of all the local TDOR events as well as running our own online service.


If you haven’t already heard then we’ve got our third conference on the 27th November. This month is one of reflection, one of sadness and  yet also one of pride and celebration. Through our tears we can’t help but be affected by the volume of our allies voices, flying those trans flags across the country, physically and virtually.

Our conference is your opportunity to join that celebration. To come and meet those for whom being trans is simply an aspect of who they are. People who have gone about their daily lives and changed the world in their own ways though the power of their own authenticity.

By getting involved in our conference you are not simply reading about history you are meeting some of those who are making it. Finding out why gender identity really matters, not as an abstract for society but as a concrete reality for you, me and everyone. Finding out what the trans superpower really is and how to unleash that potential in yourself, your colleagues and your friends. Authenticity is amazing and this November I invite you to join us for your own journey of transition. If we can achieve all this in a month just think what power the future holds!


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