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November 4, 2019
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I’m back and I have 15 minutes to write my blog because today is a fun packed day at Bournemouth University, Chrysalis’ new partner. I can’t express how great it is for Chrysalis to have been welcomed into Bournemouth by so many institutions and individuals. We are really making an impact here and this is just the start of our Dorset adventures. #ChrysalisWessex is on the up.

Over the last week Deanna and Samantha have been valiantly keeping our Facebook page a safe space. It was perhaps inevitable that our campaign to encourage people to take a stance, to actively display that “it’s OK to be trans, it’s OK to be your authentic self” by #flythetransflag during Trans Awareness Week would come to the attention of people for whom perhaps the concept of an unsafe space has never really occurred. A massive thank you to Deanna and Samantha for all their moderating, shutting down those commenters who perhaps have never experienced the concept of an unsafe space, a space to which they haven’t automatically felt entitled to. To them I say “We will make space safe! We will show everyone that being authentic, being accepted is the reality.”

I’m back from holiday now and raring to go. Expect a lot more publicity about the campaign, expect some great new social media content and yes – if you want to get involved with our social media then please do drop the office a line. It’s pretty simple – be nice and don’t feed the trolls – and we’ll give you training contact is @ChyrsalisGIM on Facebook or Twitter

And now I’m signing off because meeting two, about our next conference on the 14th April 2020 #GenderIdentityMatters2020 is about to start

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