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Andi smiling at the camera, holding a mug in both hands. Andi has red and black hair, two visible facial piercings and they are wearing a black sleeveless top and jeans. They are seated in a white chair against a black background. Andi's visible tattoo is of a vampire angel and is on their left upper arm
September 7, 2021
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I hope that you had a good summer. Has it really only been just over a month since I last wrote to you?

As we have developed and gained a focus to our social media, I haven’t written so many weekly updates. There has been more deep thought and less overview of occurrences. This week’s blog is grounded in events. Today I hope to bring you up to date with what has been happening and to open the door to some exciting events coming up.

Getting back into the world

This summer has been a whole 18 months in coming. For me it has been a long-awaited summer of parties, of meet ups, my social calendar filling up. Personal worlds restarting. Chrysalis’ world has been no different. Our diary has filled with invitations to come out from behind our screens.

In lieu of a time lapse montage I give you a collage. As an organisation dedicated to breaking down the barriers of isolation it has done all of us good to get out. To meet with people, to open our minds and fill our hearts.

Montage of photos showing Chrysalis' activities over the summer. Clockwise from top left: Get Fit for Chrysalis poster, black background with white text showing different activities; people sat around a table with single words of different values being sorted into preference; the Chrysalis stand at Southampton Pride with pop-up banner inviting people to volunteer; drag performers and Andi on a small stage with dark background; feet in bright green trainers on legs in fitness clothing; inclusive Pride flag in loose folds; landscape view of Chrysalis stand at Soton Pride, lots of people interested and talking to volunteers

Get Fit for Chrysalis

We started the summer encouraging you all to Get Fit for Chrysalis, to raise money and contribute miles towards our 2k total. Now it is time to get those last few miles recorded. Thanks to everyone who contributed. Some of us met our targets and others met bumps in their road. Covid got a look in too, with more than one person being laid low by the dreaded virus. After I have finished this blog, I must go and put in my final miles. I did it, but wow that was harder than I thought it would be. I realise now that coming out of lockdown is as significant a change as going into it was. Can one ever really prepare for all the ripples which spread out from a change?

Beyond Butterflies

July brought us the return of the Away Day, a wonderful event bringing staff and volunteers together. Collaborating to define the future, the sharing of excitement that change is coming. Stay tuned to find out how we will deliver on our we commitment to respect, include, accept and empower with integrity.


Welcome back Southampton Pride. A glorious day of sunshine, friends, and socialising. For many people their first step back out into the world as their authentic self. The Chrysalis stall was busy all day. Fifteen new member inquiries, seventeen volunteer inquiries and over £400 raised. Thank you to all our volunteer team and to everyone who stopped by and said hello.

Tweenbrook Dragfest 2021

Thank you to some of the loveliest people I have met for hosting the most amazing garden party to wrap up a summer of reconnecting. What better way for Chrysalis than to end our summer with new connections in another part of the country? I love engaging with other people who create safe spaces. Eventually all these spaces will join. On Saturday I think we brought that day a little closer.

Settling into September

The Chrysalis team is back in the office! Connecting with team members, sharing ideas, and organically developing concepts.  This month is shaping up to be as busy as all those before. Volunteer interview and training dates are set. The team is focused on getting face-to-face support up and running. We are also going to be recruiting for paid staff.

Our social media team is working with limited resources still. Please do check on our website for all the essential information.

Something exciting this way comes

Did you notice I said that change was coming? Intrigued? Want to be on the inside and find out the news first? Come along to the Annual General Meeting on the 13th November. It promises to be the best yet and if you are a regular attendee of our AGMs you know they do not disappoint.

If you want to help us shape the future, we would love to talk with you about our trustee vacancies.

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