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Volunteer hero stars with Volunteer Week banner and text thanking all Chrysalis volunteers for #volunteersweek
June 1, 2020
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It’s Monday 1st June and not only is this week Volunteers’ Week but Monday is the day that the whole country celebrates volunteers who provide listening and support, how wonderfully appropriate.

Volunteer hero stars with Volunteer Week banner and text thanking all Chrysalis volunteers for #volunteersweek

Thank you to each and every Chrysalis volunteerToday I don’t want to just celebrate one of our fantastic volunteers but I would like to recognise each and every one of them. Those who work delivering our core services: our counsellors, facilitators and keyworkers, and those who are behind the scenes making sure that everything goes to plan: our trustees; our IT support; business advisers and all the others who help us along the way.

Today I want to share with you the names of every wonderful person who volunteers for Chrysalis


Core Service Delivery

Amanda; Anthony; Barny; Dawn; Deanna; Emma; Faith; Fraedan; Gina; Grecia; Hannah; Harjinder; Helen; Jessica; Joanna; Jodie; Joel; Josie; Julie; Kieran; Laura; Mandy; Mary; Maximillian; Mike; Nina; Olly; Peter; River; Roger; Sam; Sarah; Saskia; Sharon; Steph; Steven


Alex; An; Andy; Callum; Helen; Jo; Jon; Kevan; Mary; Neil; Orlagh; Paeton; Paul; Ross; Sammy; Scott; Sheila; Steffi

These 54 wonderful people provide over 60 hours a week of support to small groups and in one-to-one counselling and keyworker sessions, supporting over 100 people. We have made the most incredible transition to online working and are delivering an essential lifeline to people who are at a vulnerable point in their lives. But don’t take my word for it – I’d rather you heard Natalie

“I’ve been a beneficiary of Chrysalis support, in its many forms, from the very beginning of my transition journey. Their Wellbeing Drop-In provides an accepting space for me to explore my gender presentation and build confidence in socialising. The Trans* and Questioning Support Group enables me to better manage stress and anxiety by sharing feelings and experiences with sympathetic company, and one-on-one in concomitant private counselling. As someone who has isolated themselves for most of their life due to insecurity, Chrysalis has been an invaluable lifeline, and they’ve helped me reach a place of unaccustomed contentment and happiness.                                  
When the COVID-19 lockdown began those feelings of isolation resurfaced in a startling fashion. Chrysalis have managed to continue providing one-on-one and group support, while respecting social distancing, by taking their sessions online. Undoubtedly, my mental health would have suffered if not for their continued efforts and I am thus extremely grateful.”   Natalie, Southampton groups

So Thank You Chrysalis volunteers, it is a privilege and a pleasure to work with you all

and now I’m on a high it’s time to knuckle down and get past the holiday email pile. I’ll be back later.

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