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The background is purple and has white line drawings of various cakes going down the sides. In the centre of the image is a circular, greyscale photo of Andi. They are sat down holding up a cup of coffee, looking cheerful and smiling while looking down the camera. Text reads, "CEO Blog. #TNBake." The Beyond Reflections logo appears in the bottom right corner
June 21, 2022
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Beyond Reflections helps people to break down the barriers of isolation. What better a way to do that than over tea and cake? This year our summer fundraiser is all about getting together with your friends and colleagues and sharing quality time and quality cake together. We’re asking you to host your own #TNBake event, bake and sell cakes, and raise funds so that we can continue to provide our wellbeing support services to transgender and non-binary adults, their family and friends. Use the power of food to break down the barriers of isolation.

Simply sign up at the link below and we will email you our digital fundraising pack with all the info you need to host your own wonderful tea party.

Why a summer fundraiser?

Beyond Reflections needs money. Without your support we will not be able to go on delivering our life changing services. Your donations go to helping us support more people, open more groups, recruit more volunteers.

Our summer fundraisers are designed to get you out of your house, to bring people together, and to empower everyone to socialise and feel good about themselves. We want everyone to experience a bit of that Beyond Reflections spirit of love and acceptance for themselves and others.

What we’ve done before

Two years ago, the incredible Paeton opened our horizons with her epic Tour de Trans, her ride across Britain, across genders. Her physical prowess and our fantastic social media team brought us friends, connections, and donations from Land’s End to John O’Groats. You can read more about Paeton’s journey on her Instagram

Last year we listened to our members who told us they were fed up with lockdown. They wanted a way to get out and to feel good in their bodies. Last year you joined me to Get Fit for Chrysalis. Collecting sponsorship from our friends and families and recording our challenges and successes for you. Check out all our supporter’s blogs here.

Our last two summer fundraisers were sports-based so this year we are doing something more inclusive to people who cannot engage with physical activity. Since exercise isn’t for everyone, this year we want to bring people together with cake. Cake you make, or cake you buy, the important part of this fundraiser is that you get to spend quality time hanging out with quality people and eating yummy snacks.

Food as a love language

Food is a wonderful way to connect with those we love, a great way to get to know people better. A meeting always goes easier with biscuits. Food, as a friend of mine said at a picnic, is a love language. In creating food for people you care about, you put your love and affection into what you make.

Andi does baking!

Now I’m a bit of a ‘nailed it’ kind of baker. I can never get it to look like the picture. But we have incredible cooks on our team who have put together a brilliant pack for this fundraiser. Inside you will find great recipes and information about holding your TNBake fundraising event. Which one of those recipes I should try to ‘nail’ for my vlog? Nominations are open, just comment on this post. There’s a difficulty traffic light code on the recipes. Will you be kind and vote for a green one or are you looking for comedy and choosing red?

Check back in July to see me vlogging for the first time. Will it be a comedic disaster or a work of genius? Place your bets now. And don’t forget to donate all funds to Beyond Reflections.

How to get involved

Host your own #TNBake event

Go to our webpage to download your pack and run your events during July. You can have coffee and cake with friends in the park or a lunch time social with colleagues. The only limit is your imagination.

Sign-up here:

Come to our summer social

Join us in Southampton on Saturday 31st July as we celebrate a month of TNBake socials. We will be posting more details about the event soon so keep watching our social media.

Beyond Reflections specialises in breaking down the barriers of isolation, bringing people together and celebrating authenticity. Mental wellbeing comes from being accepted, included and loved. TNBake is our summer fundraiser which brings all the joy of cake and friendship to you. Share your love of tea, your skills at baking and your cake with us.

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