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A pie chart in shades of purple showing the breakdown of where ticket money goes for the Rainbow Lottery: 50% to Beyond Reflections, 10% to other good causes, 20% to prizes, 20% on admin and tax
January 10, 2022
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Whether you live under the rainbow or are a proud ally flying the Pride flag I think you will like the latest way you can support Beyond Reflections. We have teamed up with the Rainbow Lottery so everyone is a winner.

A pie chart in shades of purple showing the breakdown of where ticket money goes for the Rainbow Lottery: 50% to Beyond Reflections, 10% to other good causes, 20% to prizes, 20% on admin and tax
When you buy a £1 lottery ticket 50p of every ticket you buy is paid directly to us and 10p goes to other LGBTQ+ affirmative good causes.

Each ticket has a 1:50 chance of winning a prize each week, with a top prize of £25,000.

Going national

Beyond Reflections is expanding. We are now supporting people across England and Wales and are working towards opening support groups across the country as the UK learns to live with covid.  Being part of a national lottery is part of our growth.

Expansion means building connections. Working closely with organisations who share our vision of a world where every gender diverse person can be free to be their authentic self. Supporting us through the Rainbow Lottery will bring us closer to our friends including the LGBT Foundation, The People’s Pride Southampton and PRiDE OUT.

Building networks

No one is alone in this world. Beyond Reflections knows that so very well. Our members come to us to find mental wellbeing through acceptance. In our social groups lasting, healthy, friendships are formed. Our members are empowered to go on to become the best version of themselves.

The journey I have taken Beyond Reflections on these last four years has brought us some amazing friendships with supporters, allies, and organisations. This next year I will deliver on our new year’s resolutions by carrying on that networking. Making new, healthy friendships. Developing relationships where we share aims and others where we use our strengths to support each other.

How do I sign up?

One of the greatest things about the modern age is how simple, and integrated, process have become. I signed up for the Rainbow Lottery this morning and captured some screen shots to take you through the process.

  • Click on this link to go straight to the Beyond Reflections sign up page Image shows the first stage of the sign up process to Rainbow Lottery for Beyond Reflections as a screen grab from
  • Press that big purple Buy Tickets button
  • Choose your numbers, or if you are like me and like the computer to do things for you then click Choose for meScreen shot of next stage of lottery ticket purchase. Three ticket slots where user can enter their own numbers or get the computer to select the numbers for them
  • Decide how to pay. I have opted for three tickets each week and have set up my direct debit but you can make a one off payment if you prefer.How to pay screen shot from the lottery sign up process, bottom left is a Direct Debit option, bottom right is a one off Visa payment option

In the words of Alexander the Meerkat “simples”, I hope you find it so too.

Other ways to support Beyond Reflections

There are so many ways that you can support Beyond Reflections. Some of these we will have thought of, others you will think of. I certainly hadn’t thought of cycling Land’s End to John O’Groats or streaming a 24-hour online sim race event and yet both of these and many other initiatives from our wonderful supporters have brought in significant donations.

Rich goes dry

Personal challenges are a great way to raise money. Did you know Rich from The Black Phoenix pub in Southampton is going dry for January and looking for sponsors? You can give his fundraiser a bit of a boost by clicking here.

Just Giving

If you have a great idea why not set your own Just Giving up? You can find Beyond Reflections by entering our charity number 1187351 into the search bar.

And finally

Thank you. Each donation, no matter how small, helps us provide our life saving, life affirming services. Our members tell us that coming to Beyond Reflections gives them confidence, keeps them safe, empowers them to form trusting relationships and enables them to live their life authentically.

If you are interested in volunteering then click here to apply.

Your support is what makes that possible.

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