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April 8, 2022
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Beyond Reflections relies on fundraising for a large percentage of our income. Your donations allow us to deliver our mental wellbeing services and to continue to grow. Every trans+ person who needs us should be able to access our support. To empower us to do this I am inviting you to get creative and start fundraising.

Fundraising for Beyond Reflections

When you raise money for us, you help promote mental wellbeing for trans+ people. You encourage others to get involved with Beyond Reflections and spread the word about the amazing work we do. The more people who know about us the more volunteers we can recruit, the more people we can support.

Your support promotes our vision of a world where every gender diverse person can be free to be their authentic self.

Supporting mental wellbeing

Fundraising for us lets you show our cause is close to your heart. People raise money for us for all sorts of personal reasons, is yours on this list?

Some people want to give back, to support the community which supported them in their time of need. Others transitioned alone and never want anyone else to have to do that. Many of our supporters have loved ones who have transitioned, they have seen confidence and self-esteem that comes from living your authentic life. Beyond Reflections’ supporters, friends and allies are passionate about inclusion, about equality, about ensuring everyone has a fair chance at this life. Many of our allies have only come to know trans+ people through their support of us.

Dee was “running to raise money for Beyond Reflection because all trans people deserve support and space to heal

Beyond Reflections is unique. Your support will allow us to continue to deliver real, lasting mental wellbeing for trans+ adults and their loved ones online and face-to-face across England and Wales.

Fun ideas

What has gone before?

We have had some amazing fundraisers over the years. Sammy sold her art for us, Damon did a 24hour live stream of Gran Turismo, Rick went dry in January, Cloe gave pole dancing lessons, Amy is doing the London Marathon for us, and Paeton cycled LEJOG.

The sky is the limit

All fundraising ideas start with passion, think about what gets you excited. Do you want to try something new and achieve a personal goal, or bring people together?

Get creative, what’s your passion? Have you ever wanted to skydive or perhaps you want to do a beetle drive. You could get outside and get fit or stay inside and knit. Run a raffle and ask friends, family, colleagues, and your employer to donate prizes. How about hosting a karaoke night or a pub quiz?

Check out for inspiration.

Whatever you decide to do link up with us on Just Giving and the fundraising becomes so much easier. For every £1 donated by a UK taxpayer Just Giving automatically collects an additional 25p for us in GiftAid. How cool is that? Free money.

How to do it

  • Be clear on why you are raising money for us
  • Set a fundraising target
  • Decide who you are asking for support
  • Set a date or timescale
  • Create your fundraiser on JustGiving
  • Share your fundraiser and post regular updates on social media
  • Thank your donors

Save the date

Are you doing this over the whole summer or is it linked to a particular time of year like TdoV or Pride month? What about a birthday fundraiser, Facebook make those really easy.

Inspire your supporters

Think about activities that people will respond to.  Engage with your supporters and share your fundraising photos on social media. Don’t forget to tag us! Regular updates on your JustGiving page keep your supporters engaged, let them know when you smash your target.

Reasons to raise money

  • Did you access our support and find it helpful? Tell everyone how we did by sharing some of your story.
  • Perhaps your friend is being supported by us and you have seen how happy they have become. Talk about how much their happiness means to you.
  • Do you want to help us increase our capacity expand our services so we can support people in your area? Set your target to cover our costs to open a new group.
  • Help us reduce our waiting times by recruiting and onboarding more volunteers.

When to tell us

You don’t need to tell us, just set up your fundraiser, link it to our JustGiving and off you go. But if you want us to promote your event to our network, drop us a message on social media. We will thank your super donors too if you give them a shout out.

What next?

Got your idea? Click the “Fundraise for Us” button and off you go

The real cost of support

Don’t overwhelm your donors, pick the numbers that are important to you.

Donation Amount

Beyond Reflections support delivered

£4 1 online wellbeing session
£6 1 face-to-face wellbeing session
£13 1 online support group session
£25 1 video counselling session
£30 1 face-to-face counselling session
£48 A year of online wellbeing support (12 sessions)
£108 1 month of online counselling
£120 Supports someone joining Beyond Reflections (assessment and consultation)
£200 Launch a new face-to-face wellbeing group at an existing location
£230 Gets a new volunteer trained and ready to go
£320 Gives a member support groups for a whole year
£1300-£1600 Provides a year of therapy
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