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March 24, 2020
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Good morning! The sun is shining and as a result I’ve had to move my home working set up through 20º, still getting used to the reality of windows and a view in my workplace, how about you? .

View from my new office window – Trust me if you ever visited me in either of my offices, or indeed my previous one at Solent, you’ll know that this is a fantastic view! Marvel at the curious nature of that pipework.

Last week I said that we were working on how to keep your Chrysalis community together and on Friday we held a facilitator’s meeting to plan just that.

Chrysalis is definitely still open! If you want to join a group or access our support then call us on 07823 504306 or email on and we will talk you through the process.

A big welcome to Maximillian who joins the office team on Wednesday as our Member Support and Training Development Officer, for those of you who’ve met Maximillian you’ll know he’s a fantastic addition to the team, so much energy and so many ideas of how to bring people together in these trying times and beyond.

Chrysalis is here for all those who are feeling the impact of gender diversity, we have trained peer support for trans and questioning people, parents, partners and other family members. These times of isolation may be particularly difficult for you. You may not feel able to talk openly about what’s going on for you, to seek the support you need. We understand and will work with you to find the best way for us to support you. We can do calls, video chats and emails and very, very soon we will have remote groups working. Our meeting on Friday with all your wonderful facilitators was very positive.

People connected by virtual conferencing, thanks to United Virtualities for the image

Now that we are starting up online support groups I would like to say that we are very much open to people from outside the area getting in touch to join.

So what am I up to this week? Learning to remote work, that’s mainly what! Thank goodness we were able to find a new home for all the Warhammer models so I could set up on the breakfast bar. For those Southampton locals you’ll be amused to know that currently my deskchair is an old Dungeon bar stool, I like to think that Tony and the team would be pleased to know that it’s still being used and for such a good reason too. Great memories of connecting with people, and in particular many people who have connections with Chrysalis too.

The observant of you, or those still connected in some way to reality will know it’s the last week of March so mainly this week will be taken up with supervision and the usual month end stuff.

The rest of the team are working on our Office 365 set up (have a drink Sammy), I can’t express how relieved I am that we’ve got Office 365 and are so close to being properly organised on it too. All internal communications have gone Teams based, if anyone needs training then Dawn’s found some great videos, and if I’m honest I do think our first Teams meeting went pretty well on Friday.

Office 365 logo – where would we be without you?

So yeah, keep up the positivity, remember that you are all very much loved, cared for, and respected by all of us here and we are definitely here for you. Listen to the radio, play some music, we will get through this, and be stronger for it.

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