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Image description: Background is various shades of pastel purple overlapping to create a gradient effect. At the top is text reading "Join us for our Trans Day of Visibility event this year!" Below this is a white textbox which reads "TDoV With Beyond Reflections and Friends." on either side is a cartoon hand holding a trans pride flag. At the bottom are a pink box and blue box which read "Speakers throughout the day. Evening Panel and Questions.'
March 23, 2022
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Trans Day of Visibility is around the corner and this year Beyond Reflections are celebrating and fundraising with friends. On the 31st of March join public speaker and trainer Joanne Lockwood of See Change Happen as she takes you on a journey of exploration. A voyage of discovery of the impacts and benefits of being trans+ and visible.

What is the event?

A livestream on our Facebook and Twitter channels bringing you interviews and discussion on being trans+ and visible and fundraising for our life changing services. Running from 10am to 7:30pm.

Why are you excited Andi?

Because we are raising money for Beyond Reflections and raising awareness of the importance of visibility and our work saves lives. People come to Beyond Reflections to understand themselves better and make healthy decisions. Many of our members come to us in significant distress, through our support they find lasting mental wellbeing.

Beyond Reflections believes no trans+ person should have to struggle alone and isolated. This fundraiser brings us closer to our goal of providing our world class support across England and Wales.

Beyond Reflections’  incredible work

Since 2010 I have been part of so many transformations into authenticity. There is nothing more amazing than being part of someone’s growth and development. Our members consistently exceed their own goals, with over 92% very happy with the support we provide.

Who is taking part?

Friends who have been involved with Beyond Reflections since 2017 and some new faces.

Our stellar line up includes interviews with Kit Heyam, Maddie Rippon, Eva Echo, Ramses Underhill Smith, Georgie Williams and Finn Grice during the day.

In the evening I share the TDoV panel chaired by Joanne Lockwood with Finn Grice from LGBT Foundation, Ani Ritchie former lecturer and cochair of her university’s LGBTQ+ staff network and Eli Moore from Space Youth Project. Drop your questions in during the day and tune in at 5:30pm for live discussion.

Where can I find the Livestream?

Join us from 10am on our Facebook, Twitter or through our LinkedIn event. Can’t manage the whole day? That’s OK, our videos will be available for viewing after the event.

How can I get involved?

  • You can donate to the event on Just Giving at and help us reach our target
  • Share our event and invite your friends to like our page so they get up to the minute notifications.
  • Ask your boss to promote our event on the staff LGBTQ+ noticeboard, perhaps drop some funds in.

Have your voice heard.

Do you have a burning question about TDoV? About what it means to be trans+ and visible? Would you like to find out more about how agencies like Beyond Reflections deliver on our promises to respect, accept, include, and empower our members to understand themselves better. Submit your questions for the panel through the live link on the stream on the day.

What will Beyond Reflections do with the donations?

Every £60 donated to our fundraiser we can provide wellbeing support for one member for a year. £100 enables us to onboard a support group volunteer. As a powerful charity yet one with a small footprint every £1 donated has a direct impact on our service.

We value every donation and put it to use directly supporting our members.

Beyond Reflections friends are the best. Each of you is doing your part to make our world better. I look forward to seeing you at 10am on Thursday 31st of March on our Livestream.

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