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May 12, 2020
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Sometimes someone comes into your world who makes everything that bit better. Chrysalis is full of fantastic people and the current upside down world we’re living in has allowed our stars to shine even more brightly.

Today our Volunteer Hero is Jodie


An all round lovely person Jodie got involved with Chrysalis just over two years ago offering her skills as a facilitator, trainer, and quite simply a lovely welcoming person who loves chatting about Chrysalis and is fantastic addition to our Pride team. Jodie is always there when you need her most. During the lockdown not only has Jodie been working full-time in her role in a nursing home but she has taken on the additional role of Keyworker volunteer, calling our members and offering them one-to-one chats. She has helped set up the online support groups and now facilitates our online partners support group, enabling us to extend the service we offer across time and space boundaries. Jodie is there to take up more calls when another volunteer needs a break and is always the first person to step in when help is needed. So thank you Jodie – you are a superhero to us.

Writing that really brought a smile to my face, I hope reading it brightens your day. When I sat down to write this blog I was confronted with that horror, the blank page, and really didn’t know where to start. So why not start with saying something nice?

We’ve been asked everyone involved with Chrysalis if they would like to say something nice, if they would spare us a moment to tell us how they have experienced us and what our support has meant to them. Reading their replies has been brightening all of our lives as Dawn has shared them on our internal message board. Here’s just one for me to share with you.

I’ve been a beneficiary of Chrysalis support, in its many forms, from the very beginning of my transition journey. Their Wellbeing Drop-In provides an accepting space for me to explore my gender presentation and build confidence in socialising. The Trans* and Questioning Support Group enables me to better manage stress and anxiety by sharing feelings and experiences with sympathetic company, and one-on-one in concomitant private counselling. As someone who has isolated themselves for most of their life due to insecurity, Chrysalis has been an invaluable lifeline, and they’ve helped me reach a place of unaccustomed contentment and happiness.                                   When the COVID-19 lockdown began those feelings of isolation resurfaced in a startling fashion. Chrysalis have managed to continue providing one-on-one and group support, while respecting social distancing, by taking their sessions online. Undoubtedly, my mental health would have suffered if not for their continued efforts and I am thus extremely grateful.”   Natalie – Southampton

Watch this space for our new Testimonials page, if you want to get in on the action then why not send a few words or short video clip to

This week and next are shaping up to be very busy weeks. Sheila’s got me writing an article, no longer am I allowed to be content with blogging once a week, I have phone calls, supervision, chats with team members and other charities and even a day to do admin! There will be more news about #tourdetrans, have you got your cycling gear ready? Any and all welcome to get involved – email for more info.

Next week it’s all about the supervision and then two days at a virtual conference. Wow, that’s a lot of time looking at the screen, definitely going to make sure I find somewhere comfortable for that.

Sneaking into next weekend is some gardening, yep it’s that time of year when the weeds are longer than the grass and I have guilted myself into doing something about it. Well I’ve got to have some photos to share because Helena the cat is adamant that she’s not modelling for anymore #catsofchrysalis shots.


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