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November 11, 2019
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Remembrance Day, my feed is full of people I have met along my travels remembering those who they served with. My grandma and child spent yesterday at Remembrance Day services. A moment out of our lives to think about war, and peace and hope for the future.

I heard Ian Rankin interviewed this morning about his 30 year old book that’s been reprinted, he said how the themes within the book were eerily relevant to modern times, well except for the 12 mentions of the new innovation of car central locking, 11 of those have been edited out.

Today is a day of reflection, of remembering, of thinking of all those who still grieve, who are still affected by the costs of war. Today is a day when, perhaps, there is stillness, for just a moment.

So today a reflective blog, a calm blog, a blog where I perhaps look outwards. A blog where I want to recognise all of those within Chrysalis who have a connection with the armed forces and for whom this day is not a day to remember history and a war that less and less people remember but a day to remember colleagues and loved ones.

Last week was a very rushed blog, but Monday was a great day. All day in Bournemouth meeting with some great new Chrysalis allies at Bournemouth Uni and catching up with those we’re already working with. The conference planning is moving on apace thanks to everyone who is involved with that.

Dawn’s been away most of last week but we have coped (sssh! Only just, we really missed her) but when I got in on Tuesday I found a lovely letter from our founder who had sent on an even more lovely letter from Rachael who used to attend our Portsmouth group. It’s so good to hear about the impact Chrysalis has on all those who have come through our doors. This who have gone on to new things and those who have stayed with us as volunteers and trustees. I’m looking forward to passing on Rachael’s words to her counsellor too, remember folks – counsellors like to know they’re doing a good job too.

Last week saw me meeting with some more of our fantastic team of counsellors, hearing about how they are working with clients, listening to the stories of development, reflecting on the actual magic that is the development of self-worth and authenticity.

I also met with Emma from EMARI, thank you for your support Emma and with that support I suspect that there may be some significant changes coming to Chrysalis’ social media and marketing. Expect this blog and many other things to be spruced up. Chrysalis really wouldn’t be where we are without all these great allies.

Thursday evening saw a surprise visit to the Bournemouth Trans and Questioning Support Group, thanks to everyone for their hospitality, we talked about self-medication, a course of action which many people resort to as a direct result of the long waiting times at the gender clinics and the challenges of even getting shared care. It’s a GP lottery out there but Chrysalis is working to change this, supporting initiatives like the Hampshire GP survey carried out by our local NHS Clinical Commissioning Group.

What’s on for this week? More supervision! I’m sure that I did once have supervision all nice and tidy at the end of the month, but then I went on holiday and that messed everything up. I’m looking forward to meeting with our counsellors who work with those who go to the family and friends groups today. A different perspective but no more and no less than an unconditional, non-directive space to talk about whatever is on your mind.

Tomorrow I’m delivering training to QA Mental Health Liaison Team (note to self – take some photos!) and then Wednesday is up to Basingstoke for the Hate Crime Working Party meeting.

Now I think I’m going to find the heating control and try to get some warmth into this office. Bye for now.

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