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Thank you image of DJ Bookhouse at laptop with the club name: Intrusion above and £310 Raised below
October 19, 2020
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Are you human? That’s what the website asked me as I signed in this morning and it’s got me thinking. How do I know I’m human, what does being human mean to me and in these times of strangeness how do I keep my sense of human connectedness, how do you keep yours?

The second Tuesday of every month is Intrusion, it has been for years, the longest running Goth night in the country outside of London and a great evening. Worth driving from Southampton to Oxford for, a chance to get dressed up and to see good friends. During lockdown they have been live streaming, achieving technological miracles connecting DJs in three counties together and showing us glimpses into their homes, introducing us to their cats.We have kept our community going and though the pain of not seeing each other doesn’t go away the Zoom dancefloor and Twitch stream with photos of nights gone reaffirms our part in the world, our connection to our tribe, our friends, our humanity. Last Monday the Intrusion team nominated Chrysalis, for the first lockdown Intrusion fundraiser. We came, we danced, we raised money and united in our aim to connect and to make the world that bit better. If you haven’t shone your phone torch at a Zoom screen whilst singing along to the last song of the night then I heartily recommend it. Music brings us together, music connects us all and I know that one day we will all be together again.

Thank you to everyone who came along and donated. When the stream ended we had smashed the target at £255 today I check and the grand total is £310!

It’s no coincidence that the alternative scenes are often the safe haven of many trans, non-binary and questioning people. If you are looking to connect with your tribe then check out their next event on the 10th November  and I’ll see you on the only dance floor where pajamas are totally acceptable clubwear.

Andi in white and green wig glowing under UV, extreme makeup for Halloween
A rare photo of Andi out and about, well out in their living room at least

As always Chrysalis spends a lot of time looking forward and these last two weeks are no exception. I would like to welcome Cas and Carla to the team. Cas joins us as our Admin Assistant, working on how Chrysalis can co-exist with Covid and bringing forward our plans to get some kind of face to face meetings up and running again. Carla takes over from Sheila as our Volunteer Coordinator, a role that has grown and developed with every post holder and which Carla will definitely be making her own. If you can run a dance show for 200 children you can do anything!

I am constantly humbled by the dedication people offer to Chrysalis, by the support we are shown and by the number of people who want to get involved. Last week I spoke with three potential new trustees. Vie Portland, Jenny Harvey and Jack Cannon. Every one of them with something incredible to offer to our charity, watch this space for fundraisers, training and the ultimate in support groups. I could write for hours about all of them but space and time dictates I should be brief and so I’m just going to mention, with a smile still on my face, that Jenny had heard good things about us from back in 2005 and has followed our progress ever since. How amazing is that and what a testimonial to the work of our founders Dianne and Laura, their legacy most definitely lives on.

This week not only do we get to welcome our two new staff members but I am actually leaving the house! and meeting with Paeton and Flis to begin work on Tour de Trans 2021. If you are a cyclist, or fancy getting involved in some other way then we need you. After their amazing ride in August the indefatigable Paeton, with their son Callum are up for the ride again. After all once you’ve worked out the route and cycled in 30mph headwinds surely it’s a piece of cake to do it again? I plan to show my support by cycling down to the Artisan in Southampton to meet with them at least.

It’s the end of the month so time to catch up with my supervisees and to bid a fond farewell to Peter who is moving onto another of our supervisors, Helen. Part of working with trainees is being able to say goodbye to them, and I know that Peter goes to an expert, someone who can really support them as they continue to grow and develop as a therapist.

See you all next week

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