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March 9, 2020
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Cycling to work is infinitely superior to driving, I like that I can do my bit for keeping Southampton cleaner and also get my fitness back but it does mean that I don’t get to listen to the radio on the way in so my thoughts for the day are not prompted by the words of others. Perhaps I should start listening to the radio in the office. So today you’re getting unexpurgated me. I’m sorry about that!

We’re settling into our new offices, my sofa arrives tomorrow which will take up the big empty corner in my room and dampen down some of the echo. Dawn and I are getting used to having a corridor between us. Thank goodness for Office 365 (take a drink Sammy) and Teams – the communication tool of champions!

Last week was a bit of an admin catch up and just checking my phone I see I didn’t take any photos to add to this blog so I’m going to have to go and look for something to brighten it up. To be honest after the week before and two days in London and lots of driving it was nice to be in the office, to sit down with Dawn and look at plans and generally get ourselves straight again.

I did get out on Thursday though, back to the University of Southampton to deliver training for the student services team. Thanks to Leanne for booking us and hi to all the wonderful trainees, it was a great and lively session, with many connections made.

So what’s on for this week? Well I need to prepare the monthly report for the trustees, thanks to Kevan for all the facts and figures. Later today we move into the next stage of Chrysalis’ growth as I sit down with one of our two new trainee Counselling Supervisors. Oh my goodness how exciting is that. Chrysalis not only offers counselling placements but also counselling supervision placements. Testament to the incredible work of our counsellors and to the strength of the service and the groups that so many of our volunteer counsellors stay on post qualification that we can offer them to trainees. We are also recruiting for trained supervisors. The counselling team is growing. 2.5 years into my tenure and we are now up to 16 counsellors, three supervisors, 13 groups and more in development. If you are interested in finding out how to open a Chrysalis group in your area then please do get in touch.

Contact the office on 07823 504306 or for all inquiries.

Tuesday we’ve got conference planning and I’m meeting with an old contact to talk about access control. Who’d have thought that the 14 years of building management would come in as useful as the years of pastoral care? Thanks Solent, those were years well spent.

Our conference on the 14th April falls the day after Easter Monday so why not take the opportunity for some relaxing on Bournemouth beach and make it a couple of days away? Photo by Marcus Loke on Unsplash

Thursday I’m in Bournemouth all day, meeting with the fantastic team that delivers our Trans and Questioning Support group and then Friday is a meeting with Radian Housing to look at partnership working, a catch up with Julie and then lots of IT planning with Sammy.

I’ll sign off now, promise to try to remember to take more photos next week. PS I’m off on Monday so don’t worry if you don’t hear from me until Tuesday


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