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January 14, 2022
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What is a plan?

  • a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something
  • an intention or decision about what one is going to do

Every achievement starts with a plan. A goal and then you work out the steps to achieve it.

Beyond Reflections started with an idea, a dream, a vision but a vision isn’t enough. From the vision comes the mission, from the mission comes the plan and here we are, four years in and with a bigger, better, more purple plan.

Why are you talking about this now?

This week I am inducting new staff and so talking about business planning and personal plans is appropriate. January is often a time for change, the days are getting longer, the midwinter celebrations have passed and it is time to act on those resolutions.

Many trans+ people will have made resolutions. To make that appointment, try on that purchase, get that certificate, or simply to step outside. The vision that this is the year they will finally be “free to be me!”, the mission to be their authentic self in one or all parts of their life.

Harnessing the power of authenticity

Running BR is fun, I love coming into work, I would like everyone to feel that sense of achievement, of personal fulfilment I believe in authenticity for all, the freedom which comes from being your authentic self at work, home and play. I have a dream of a world where every gender diverse person is free to be their authentic self, where pronouns are respected and binary gender assumptions do not dominate.

Imagine being 40% more you. What could you do? That is the power of being able to be authentic at work.

Planning for Beyond Reflections

This last year I completed the next stage of my personal growth plan, my transition from manager to leader. If you thought I was quiet last year it was because I was writing our new business plan. The second I have written and this one an epic of 64 pages and yet, and yet, it is never completed. There are always more questions: “how are we going to deliver more support groups?” “What does world class support mean in our field?” “What are the resources we need to achieve our strategic aims?”

Each question requires respect. A discussion and an analysis which gives frames the next part of the plan. Who do we need to include in the next stage? A trustee, a staff member, the volunteers and the members. Every part of Beyond Reflections will be empowered to play their part in our growth. Everyone has something incredible to offer, an insight, a question, a challenge to be met with integrity. Without our drive to accept diversity we will only every achieve a fraction of our potential.

Beyond Reflections Strategic Aims

BR strategic aims top to bottom text reads: Improve the mental wellbeing of TNQ people, their family and friends across England and Wales; Secure and develop new income streams; Make BR nationally recognised as the place for support of TNQ adults, their family and friends.

Our Operations team will deliver more support, in more locations whilst maintaining the same high standards. Our plan will help you achieve yours. By delivering on our resolution to provide more counselling placements and opening

Our Marketing team will develop more revenue streams. Connecting us up with donors and funders, conducting fundraising campaigns, improving brand awareness with great merchandise and services, and developing our digital presence.

Our Outreach team will connect with more people through events, training, networking, and speaking engagements. Using evidence to inform our voice, making us nationally recognised as experts in our field.

Delivering your plans

What plans did you make for this year? How do you see yourself growing and developing? How can Beyond Reflections help you achieve your goals?

Is this your year for authenticity? The year you find the courage to open yourself to reflection, to understand your gender identity. A time to reach out for mental wellbeing, for self-confidence and empowerment. You can contact us by phone 03448 468 545,  email, contact us through social media @BeyondReflectUK or fill out our contact form

Volunteers make plans too

All our volunteers come to us with plans, with dreams and aspirations. They tell us they want to give back, want to make a difference, want to learn new skills and gain in self-confidence. Our volunteers are crucial to delivering your plans and ours. If you are ready to donate some of your time to really making a difference for others and for yourself then you can apply here.

Plans need resources

It is the honest truth that everything needs resources. Our Marketing team will be out there making connections, getting our wonderful new purple brand out there and raising money. I hope you like our new logo, I would like to make a special thank you to volunteer Robin for their incredible design work. It is no easy task to create a brand, an icon which will be instantly recognised. To take a brief, a plan if you will, and turn it into reality.

Why not turn your new years resolution into fact and put our logo on your fundraising campaign? Play your part in making our dream reality.

Outreach, networking and Pride

We will be delivering on our resolution to attend more Pride events as well as engaging outside the Pride safe space. Returning to the world and being proudly visible, speaking and engaging on a professional level, using the lived experiences of our members to inform and to educate. Achieving social change Beyond Reflections style.


Our plan has grown, evolved, over the last four years. We have made small and large changes in response to outside events. After nearly two years we are finally using our new office in Southampton. We split up our support strands and became something greater than the sum of those parts, delivering lasting mental wellbeing to hundreds more members than ever before.

Our plan has changed. There have been dark times, there have been challenges and yet we have survived and thrived because we have our vision.

Your plans will change too, they will grow and develop, they may need totally rewriting. In the words of one of our former trustees “my ‘to’ changed” and that is OK. It is OK to stumble, it is OK to need to turn back, to retrench, to tear the document up and start again because the vision remains. The vision of the future where you are authentic, the vision of the future where everyone is free to be their authentic self and that is what keeps us going. We celebrate our successes, celebrate your successes and are there when you need someone to walk with you in the darkness.

Shall I tell you the best thing about running Beyond Reflections? I get to hear about so many people not only achieving their goals but all those who exceed their wildest expectations. I celebrate with all of you, you are amazing.

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