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Image of Andi holding a mug and smiling at the camera. Text above reads "CEO blog" text below reads "Inside my mind"
July 19, 2022
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I believe in mental wellbeing for all, I know authenticity is amazing and I appreciate the value of safe spaces. If you invited me to describe myself in three words I would choose kind, authentic and enthusiastic. Usually I talk about the charity, our activities, and aspirations but perhaps you have wondered what made me take on the challenge, what keeps me going when the going gets tough? In today’s blog I invite you into my mind, to find out a little more about me

What motivates me

I have always hated to see pain and sadness, seeing people unable to love and respect themselves. For me every single person is worthy of self-respect, I love seeing people walk straight and proud.

I know that being isolated hurts and being in healthy relationships is good for us. My training showed me that rigidity of thought comes from acting by conditioning. Imposed conditions of worth warp us and force us into unthinking, unquestioning compliance. When those conditions are released, we become more flexible, more open to other experiences and thus are kinder. If we are congruent, and understand what is driving us we can better regulate our emotions and act with thoughtfulness and compassion.

When people are worn down with doubt, held captive by fear, silenced by aggression they are lessened. I want to live in a society where people are ‘free to be me’.

Delivering change

I’m a self-confessed lazy person. I only like to do something once. I don’t like treading old ground or reworking old problems. Systems and processes make me happy, even better is finding innovative solutions to prevent problems and make working easier.

Taking on the challenge

When I was offered the chance to take on the running of Beyond Reflections, I saw an opportunity to use my unique skills, knowledge, and abilities to effect real change for the charity. I was frustrated in my old role. Never getting the opportunity to implement plans which could deliver lasting change.

At Beyond Reflections I got to use my vision to develop a charity which could deliver lasting change, and life saving support. My vision, my abilities would make it possible for Beyond Reflections to grow and develop. To become a world class charity.

I don’t need a cause

I just want people to be OK. I’m working hard to change the world to help create a space for others to exist, if coincidentally that makes it a bit easier for queer ol’ me to be too I guess I’m happy with that. Mental wellbeing comes from self-respect, understanding, acceptance and healthy relationships. Running Beyond Reflections fills all those spaces for me whilst I do my utmost to ensure we’re empowering everyone we connect with to have the same.

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