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Andi smiling at the camera, holding a mug in both hands. Andi has red and black hair, two visible facial piercings and they are wearing a black sleeveless top and jeans. They are seated in a white chair against a black background. Andi's visible tattoo is of a vampire angel and is on their left upper arm
March 4, 2022
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As a non-binary person and an out Queer Alternative I have an unshakeable conviction that bias negatively impacts everyone. My vision is of a world where everyone can be free to be their authentic self, a world where we do not need safe spaces because space is safe.

Discrimination hurts us all

Discrimination, and unfair treatment, affects one’s mental wellbeing preventing you from achieving your full potential. At Beyond Reflections our volunteers work to repair the mental harm caused by living with denial, discrimination, and hate. Our work does not just save lives but by empowering people to understand themselves better and to make healthy decisions our members can go on to play their full part in society.

Empowerment profits everyone

The more healthy, empowered, and authentic individuals there are contributing to society the better society becomes. No longer are singers silenced through a knife to their throat. Video producers bring out the best in their subjects because they are not tired from concealing aspects of themself from the crew. Scientists flourish because girls in the developing world have textbooks and the freedom to study.


Today is International Women’s Day. The strap line is: Imagine a gender equal world. A world free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination. A world that’s diverse, equitable, and inclusive. A world where difference is valued and celebrated. Together we can forge women’s equality. Collectively we can all #BreakTheBias.

Today my blog invites you to think more about bias. Reflect on your prejudices and take the challenge to make society more equal.

My turn to step back

Have you ever thought about why my voice in the context of this feminine space? This exclusive purvey of women. As someone who has never identified as girl or woman and who has in the discovery of their own authenticity come to embrace the term person, I find such an honour strange.

What bias is at play that includes an out non-binary person but excludes a trans femme person? Next year I would love to hand over the honour of this blog to a guest writer who can speak from the femme experience.

Put the person first

Breaking the bias to me means smashing the binary. The either-or mentality which categorises on accidents of birth not on the person one becomes.

A biased view of the world is one where we view others through a narrow lens. Take off your blinders, join me in seeing the whole person and revel in the release of authenticity.

Gender neutral includes everyone

Change your language and you change your thinking. When you move to thinking about people, their purpose and connectedness you naturally break the unconscious bias of gender discrimination. Check out my blog from October last year for more language tips.

Join our Social Media team

If you are interested in speaking with the voice of Beyond Reflections, using your words and experience to help educate and empower change, get in touch. We are looking for content creators, bloggers, researchers, graphic designers. No experience is necessary. You can email or fill out our online Volunteer Inquiry survey. Put Social Media Volunteer in the title so we can direct you to the right person.

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