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June 10, 2022
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“Happy Pride!” A greeting that lifts my heart when I hear it. This year Beyond Reflections is taking our stand on the road and we are looking forward to meeting many new and existing friends at Pride events throughout the summer. Pride is important as a celebration of LGBTQ+ people, a place to make connections and to come together as a community.

June is the month the world remembers the Stonewall Riots a significant turning point in the fight for the rights of LGBTQ+ people for authenticity, acceptance, understanding and human rights.

June is also the month when lots of people hang out their rainbows and we get to celebrate all things LGBTQ+. The start of a summer of parties. Because, as I’m sure you already know, authenticity is amazing and so should be celebrated!

A month is not long enough for all the LGBTQ+ people everywhere to celebrate. A month does not have enough weekends in it for large and small Pride events in every town and city. And so Pride month has become Pride summer and at Beyond Reflections we are bursting with excitement.

What does Pride mean to Beyond Reflections?

The Beyond Reflections of today began its own transition at the first Southampton Pride in 2016. The Pride team put trans+ people at the very centre of the celebration, making us a nominated charity and giving us the lead in the parade. The visibility empowered us to publicly celebrate our work and our members.

For Beyond Reflections Pride is a place to connect to our community. We are attending as many Prides as possible this year to promote our charity, recruit volunteers and new members, and fundraise through merchandise sales and donations. Beyond Reflections depends on donations from generous Pridegoers to continue to deliver our life changing mental wellbeing support.

What we’ve got planned

This year we are taking our stand to as many Prides as we can. On Saturday we began our Summer of Pride in Portsmouth and had a fantastic time. I hope that those of you who came along had a great day too.

Put some of these dates in your diary and pop along to see us at a Pride near you. You can also join us on social media @BeyondReflectUK as we celebrate.

  • Salisbury                               2nd July
  • Bournemouth                       8th and 9th July
  • Isle of Wight (Ryde)             16th July
  • Brighton Trans Pride           16th July
  • UK Pride (Newcastle)          22nd – 24th July
  • New Forest                            20th August
  • Southampton                        27th August
  • Cymru (Welsh) Pride           27th August
  • North Herts Pride                 17th September

What to expect

Meet our volunteers and members

Our volunteers love to talk about what being part of the Beyond Reflections support team means to them. You can chat to someone about how our support groups are run or what changes counselling can bring. If you are interested in volunteering, the office team will be there to answer your questions about all the different roles we have.

Beyond Reflections support empowers our members to become the best version of themselves. For many talking about their experiences and how our support has helped is their way of giving back to the charity and ensuring that others know how valuable our services are. The members on our stall will always have a volunteer with them who can help you through any signing up process or talk to you one-to-one about your own support needs.

Promote, donate and celebrate

Come and get your flags, pronoun badges and other Pride merchandise from us. All money raised from your purchases goes straight back into delivering our services. We will have Progress Pride flags, trans flags, gender identity flags, umbrellas, pronoun badges and hand crafted items as well as much more available. We can take cash or card for purchases or donations.

How you can get involved

Going to Pride is a communal effort. Our volunteers work hard behind the scenes and giving out information on the stand. We need your support to be able to get to every event on our plan. If you can volunteer on the stand during the day or help with funding applications, transport, perhaps even accommodation we would love to hear from you. Just fill out our Volunteer Survey here and we will be in touch.

Come along and celebrate Pride2022 with Beyond Reflections. Whether this is your first Pride or your 50th year of celebrating authenticity we would love to see you at our stand. Connect with us and find out more about what we do and how our support provides lasting mental wellbeing.

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