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April 26, 2021
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Today is Lesbian Visibility Day, the start of Lesbian Visibility Week, and I want to say “Hi!” to all our wonderful lesbian friends, allies and members. In my research for my blog this morning I found an enter week of events hosted over here and since the events start at 10am (UK time) I’d better make my words flow quickly so that we  can all get over there.

Gender identity and sexuality are so very entwined in our minds that for many of our members, and their loved ones, it can take a while to separate out the “me, that is the me relating” from the “the me you are relating to” and for many people their journey through the loops of transition involves an awakening and an exploration of their sexuality and how they can finally now relate to people as the person on the inside. Loved ones make that journey too, for some loving the woman she now knows you to be affects her understanding of her own sexuality, for others it may involve a redefinition of “our relationship”.

In writing this blog I am very aware that I do not want to use another’s words, to co-opt another’s experience and indeed I would very much rather give you all time to go and hear other people’s words. To head over to that fantastic week of events where so many voices can be heard because lesbian voices are all too often marginalised. Through history it’s much easier to hear gay men’s voices, to identify the persecution of LGBT+ people through the silencing, the prosecution, the legal assaults on gay men, but it is much harder to identify the lesbian voices and so I celebrate every moment that gives another woman a platform to speak out about their experiencing, I celebrate every famous person who is thus empowered to be her authentic self and to use that power to make the world less scary for even one young woman who is struggling to come out and most of all I look forward to a day when who we love is not something that we need to clamour for role models for. I look forward to a day when being lesbian is as unremarkable as being heterosexual, simply an aspect of who one is and a cause for celebration when one finds love and relationship.

And on that bright and loving note I’m going to end this Monday’s motivational thought and have a quick look forward at what is looking like a pretty full week.

Today I’m definitely going to be squeezing in one of those panel discussions and then before signing off tonight I get to join a Vaccine Champions training course to start me on my road to being a proud vaccine champion, a definite boost because on Wednesday evening I’m meeting with the facilitation team to look at getting our face-to-face groups restarted. It’s been so very long since I saw all you wonderful people. As I gradually ease myself back into protopostlockdown world I’m soft and tender and aware that everyone is perhaps a bit more vulnerable, a bit less sure of the space they take up in the world and certainly that we all need to be offering care and consideration to those who go at different paces to us.

For the rest of this week my calendar is that lovely shade of green which tells me this is the last week of the month and the best week because it’s supervision week and I get to catch up with lots of the incredible counselling team.

And finally, on a very personal note, I would like to share that I too am joining the masses, I too am taking a step into the real world, and finally, after too many months I too am getting my hair done!

See you next week, but on Tuesday because I’m really hoping you’re all going to be enjoying the bank holiday on Monday. Looking forward on this May Day, this festival of spring.

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