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transgender flag with Chrysalis logo overlaid on purple background with the words "Change is coming" and "Fly the trans flag" above
November 3, 2021
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Today we launch our annual Allies Visibility Campaign

An opportunity for allies everywhere to be seen. To fly the trans flag for the week of 13th to 19th November. Amplifying allies’ voices, creating a wave of support to overcome the negativity, the transphobia that trans*[1] people are experiencing daily in the media, online, in public and sometimes even at home.

The history

Four years ago, we ran our first Allies Visibility campaign. We created lasting, public change across Hampshire and Dorset, and further afield. A campaign targeted at making space safe so that trans* people and their allies feel safe. Now as we enter the next chapter of our charity’s development we are building on that success. Our campaign amplified simple actions of individuals. Anyone can get involved from the Chief Executive of Hampshire County Council to the receptionist at a local volunteer bureau. Our supporters proudly displayed flags on poles, on desks and on walls.

Seeing the flag flying above the Guildhall made me feel safe in my city, something that I usually only feel during Pride.” – fundraiser, Southampton

Image of Southampton Guildhall, a white stone public building with a clock tower, behind a transgender flag flying from the flag pole
Southampton City Council supporting #FTTF

The impact of inclusion and acceptance

Great mental wellbeing comes from feeling safe, included, and accepted. Through accessing our support our members are empowered to move beyond their distress. The reflective process facilitated in our safe counselling and support group spaces enables our members to see their true authenticity and to make informed healthy decisions about their future.

Chrysalis supports those who often have no other places to go for support. For many of our members the first time they speak to Maximillian is the first time they have spoken to anyone about their gender identity. Those new members tell us they fear discrimination. Some have tried to come out before and received abuse.

I came over to speak to you because I saw you had the trans flag up” – new member, Portsmouth

Trans Awareness Week

The week of 13th to 19th November is Transgender Awareness Week. A week when trans people and their allies speak out about the experiences of being gender diverse. Raising awareness of issues that trans* people and their allies face. Flying the trans flag during this week will show your trans* friends, colleagues, and customers that you respect trans identities. By flying the trans flag you are creating a visible safe space. Your display of the pink, blue and white stripes show you care about mental wellbeing and inclusion.

Why it’s important

I chose to speak to the person at reception with the trans flag lanyard because I knew they would not judge me.” Speaker at Chrysalis’ first conference

Chrysalis creates safe spaces for people to explore their gender identity and to make healthy decisions about their future. We know that trans* people will always need to transition to survive, and we need your support to create a world where to survive is to thrive. A world where allies voices are louder than the hate. Flying the trans flag makes you, the ally visible, breaking down barriers and opening a space for conversation.

Joining us in our campaign

You can fly your flag on your social media profile, or on your desk. Perhaps you’d like a pin badge so you can fly the flag when you are out and about. A discrete statement that you are a safe person. However you fly your flag we want to see it. We want to shout to the world how many allies are out there.

Chrysalis Logo with Flag
Chrysalis Logo with Flag – we have lots of different flags on our web shop

If you see a flag, take a photo. Share on social media, tag us @chrysalisgim and use #FTTF and #Flythetransflag or drop us an email Let us know how seeing flags flying makes you feel.

How to get involved

Sign up to our Just Giving, donate £20 to support Chrysalis and get your flags out. If you need a new flag, then donate on our website (link includes P&P costs). If you want a different flag, put your choice of gender identity flag in the comments.

Change is coming

We are really excited here at Chrysalis. We know change is coming and we invite you to be part of it. Be a driver of change and fly your trans flag. As a visible ally you become a safe person for all to talk to. Someone who can answer questions, who will not judge.

Increase your ally credentials even further by coming along to our next event. Find out how Chrysalis is changing on Saturday 13th November from 11am to 2pm. How we are developing. Sign up to attend online or contact if you want to attend in person, at our Southampton Head Office.

[1] Trans* is used to refer to all trans, non-binary, questioning and other gender diverse people. The language we use as a charity is carefully created to create a respectful, inclusive, welcoming, and accepting environment. Our linguistic umbrella opens over everyone  who is gender diverse, or who cares for someone who is gender diverse.
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