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February 22, 2021
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Morning! Happy Monday. Today may or may not be a great big fish but it’s certainly another day in this rolling forwards in time. I don’t know about you but I’m looking forward to some positive announcements in the news today and the potential of being able to meet with people outside the house. Today Tiny Car left the drive for the first time in a while as we took the kittens to the vets for that sensible and indeed essential trip. The house seems very quiet now but I’m sure that they will be OK and be back with us soon.

This week is all about meeting people, I start with the hope of meeting with close friends and family, carefully and cautiously but still meeting with people and now I look at my diary for the week ahead and look at all the wonderful people I am going to be meeting through the power of Teams this week. The last week of the month is all about supervision, about catching up with some of our incredible team of counsellors to see how they are getting on with their clients as well as time with Helen one of our supervisors. Counselling remains at the very heart of what Chrysalis offers, a testament to the ambition of our founders with our team of 18 counsellors and three supervisors supporting 40 clients. When I was in training I remember the discussions as to the merits of short term compared to long term therapy, each has its place and each provides great support and opportunities for change for clients however knowing as I do the length of time it takes to build a deep, healthy, strong working relationship it is no surprise that most of our clients elect to work with their counsellors for six to nine months before completing this piece of work on their self, their identity and their self-esteem.

Our five new counsellors are just completing their training, meeting with their supervisors and getting ready to take on clients, welcome to the team Charlie, Marie, Claire, Jo and Louise, it is a pleasure to have you with us. I am also really pleased to be able to announce that one of our long time counsellors, a wonderful person who worked both at the Fareham and the Southampton group, the one and only Sam, is returning to us. Absolutely glorious news which ties in well with our ongoing plans to expand the counselling service, to be able to offer our support to all those who need us. With trustees spread across the country, with change in the air and a new business plan in development Chrysalis is always looking towards the future. We know that coming to Chrysalis saves lives, we know that being able to access our support helps people understand themselves better and make happy healthy decisions and so we continue to take the best advantage over this new order of online working to help us cross barriers of time and space.

Speaking of crossing barriers I have two really exciting meetings this week that will take me out of my box. Both of them on Tuesday and both about inclusion, about diversity and about understanding and acceptance. First, thanks to the wonderful team at Southampton Voluntary Services I’m taking part in an Equality and Diversity Awareness for All series of training, nice to be in the student seat for a change, working to make Chrysalis more inclusive, and more alert to the nuances of inclusion and intersectionality and then I get to head off to London in the blink of an eye to meet with grant makers from The National Lottery¬† to talk about what we do, the importance of our work and those simple actions everyone can take to make the world a bit better, a bit more inclusive for trans and non-binary people. I’ve been thinking about this a lot, and remembering words of people I have met over the years. Thinking about Chrysalis’ vision and looking to that brighter future that we can all imagine. That future where being trans is recognised as simply an aspect of who one is, not something that needs focus on by any other than the individual and their close family, not something which detracts from ones abilities and achievements, that future where everyone is free to be their authentic self.

So today, on this grey and gloomy kitten free morning, with the promise of change and summer coming I am positive, and I hope I leave you feeling positive too. Your charity is doing well, we just keep on growing, from strength to strength and really making people’s lives better. Who could ask for more.

See you next week

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