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June 22, 2020
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Gosh! Today’s blog is proving hard to write and time is ticking!

I think I’ve started several articles today but not actually managed to write many words for you. Instead I’m going to let you know that my current musings are on: resilience, empathy and how we can all work on being a bit kinder. It’s really hard when you are only dealing with people in text, when our main interactions with the world are over the internet. With truncated speech, talking heads and words on a page linked only to a small image of someone we don’t know. Someone whose history we haven’t been introduced to. Someone who has picked up the keyboard on a bad day and is going to leave with a migraine because they and you got mired in misunderstandings.

How do we move on from here? How do we stop shouting at each other and start listening? It’s easy to say that people should educate themselves but learning requires a conducive atmosphere, a caring teacher. Writing to all our MPs offering to help them understand, trying hard to stay in a place of rational reasoning, keeping the reform of the Gender Recognition Act and challenges to the Equality Act as two very separate things has been my focus of the last week. It’s so easy to get sucked into hyperbole, to emotion, and looking for where people don’t understand us, and in doing so to build up willful misunderstanding.

This is Pride month, for many of us that would have meant Pride planning, Pride partying, Pride stalls, Pride socialising and generally being in places where it’s OK to be yourself, where people just get it, where there is no need to justify your pronouns, your essential being, your right to be authentic. Instead this month is another month of loss, we should grieve, recognise that the world is different and we can put in place systems and things to help us out a bit but it’s also OK to not be OK. This too will pass, and while it passes Chrysalis is here for you. If you are Black and trans these times are even harder, a double draining on your spirit, on your resilience. It is hard to see light but it is there.

Chrysalis is holding our own virtual Pride on Thursday evening. We will be waving flags and having fun. Seeing new and old faces and hearing people’s stories. And in writing those lines my spirits have lifted. Thinking about seeing people, albeit virtually, is always an uplifting thing.

This week I’m working with our wonderful counsellors, it’s supervision week, and who better to talk with about growth and learning and caring than Chrysalis counsellors. Those people who are there to really be with you as you work through your challenges, as you talk about what is going on for you.

And in the afternoons, in one of those wonderful juxtapositions that is a direct result of the world that we are living in right now I get to go to a Microsoft 365 conference hosted in the states! All without travelling.

Right! Better get moving, got to meet with Faith at 10. It’s a busy week.

So happy Pride, happy June, and take care of yourselves and each other. Take a moment to really be kind to someone, to empathise with someone you care about and it’s amazing how much love comes back.

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