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Fluffy tortoiseshell cat meowing while sat on desk chair
September 7, 2020
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I feel called out! Have you ever been in that position where you thought you were getting away with it but actually those around you had spotted your worst habits and were just waiting for the opportunity to take the mickey?

Apparently I don’t finish my hot drinks, I have a terrible habit of leaving a third of a cup of tea. So on Friday I was presented with a two gulp cup of coffee. I mean really! There’s a massive different between tea and coffee isn’t there? And if you drink coffee black you just keep topping it up. No wastage whatsoever! Luckily I did eventually obtain, and finish, a sensible sized coffee too.

Large and small coffee cups in front of monitor
Call that a coffee! I need a proper coffee

If you’re wondering what that is on my screen and you are trans, non-binary or questioning then welcome to our trans healthcare needs survey for Hampshire. Have you ever wished that you didn’t have to travel all the way to the GIC for basic tests? that there was an expert on hand here in Southampton to advocate for you with your doctor? Wanted Hampshire to have what London and Manchester already do – dedicated health and wellbeing care right here? This is your chance to have your needs considered. Chrysalis has taken on the most incredible new volunteer, RCN  Cassie, who is developing exactly that, dedicated health and wellbeing for trans people right here. Please do fill out her survey, knowing the real needs of our population is the first stage in getting the project moving. Click the link, you know you want to.

Click me for the survey!

What’s on this week? Again my diary seems quite empty, this is no bad thing as my todo list certainly isn’t. Funding, safeguarding and providing a new, improved, face-to-face Chrysalis is all on the cards for this week.

Also watch this space for information about a new LGBT+ Supported Living house that’s opening in Winchester. ACS are looking for housemates and support staff, what better way to make the world a bit better and create more safe spaces?

Text advert for LGBT+ people and staff for supported living in Winchester
Safe space, and a safe base – click to go to their Facebook page

I remember speaking with someone about the LGBT+ flats that Sheffield Hallam introduced in their student halls, just one or two flats, and what a difference that made to to the students who took up the accommodation. Sometimes you have to create a safe space, a safe base, so that people are empowered to go out into the rest of the space and eventually that becomes safe for them too. Confidence and security are something that we all need. Knowing that there are people around you who understand you and support you is so very, very important.

What else is on for this week – yep, you guessed it. A CiviCRM development meeting on Wednesday with Circle Interactive. A Covid-19 Risk Assessment course with Community First, the inaugural meeting of the Marketing Steering Group and yes, finally but inevitably the most frequent of all tasks: fighting the cat for my chair

Fluffy tortoiseshell cat meowing while sat on desk chair
Helena, determined to argue the point about whose chair it is
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