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December 16, 2019
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An early blog today as I have an 8:30am meeting so need to get these words down first. What should I write about the week before Christmas?

Firstly that my thoughts are with you all, those of you who are happy and looking forward to celebrations, those of you with family or with new family, those who can be out and confident and those who are perhaps thinking about how to come out or carefully guarding their privacy. I’m thinking of those of you who have found a new family in supportive, understanding, friends and those of you who are perhaps still looking for that family. This time of year can be challenging for people. It’s cold and dark and the promise of celebrations may not be what everyone wants but also we draw close to the shortest day and we all know that after that the sun will be back.

I’m also thinking of those who are worried about long term access to medication, those of you who are hoping that we will finally now see decent funding and training for the gender clinics, those who have been on the waiting lists for years. Here’s hoping that 2020 will bring reform of the gender recognition act and better understanding and acceptance of gender diversity. Speaking on the radio last week about Zeke’s story and the essence of being non-binary I can only hope that 2020 will bring a far greater understanding of the nuances of gender identity and transition, a greater understanding that everyone’s gender identity, and everyone’s transition is unique and that the best we can do is help each other find our own authentic selves.

Last week I entered the halls of Whamhalla, a great meeting with An talking about our new website (launching soon) in Flirt Café in Bournemouth resulted in defeat! I was carried off on the saddle of a Whamkyrie singing “this year, to save me from tears”. Eight days for the rest of you, who will be my final companions?

Last week Bournemouth was high on our priorities with talk about conference and the recruitment of three new counsellors as well as some supervision. We are well on the way to opening our family and friends support groups in Bournemouth, if you know of anyone who is interested in getting involved then get them to email

We’ve been reviewing our volunteer recruitment and training program and working on all those Frequently Asked Questions to help people settle into their roles here. As always ChrysalisGIM wouldn’t be here and able to do our incredible work without you all.

This week is another busy one, tomorrow is counsellor supervision and then our Xmas party in the evening – wow! We have 12 counsellors, there’s actually enough of us to have our own celebrations. See you all at the Art House.

Wednesday sees a bunch of us at suicide and self harm awareness and prevention training. Tiny Car gets a chance to rest as Max is driving to that one.

Thursday is more supervision, work on the conference and then the first ever Chrysalis Bakeoff in Southampton as well as a meeting of the Finance and General Purpose Committee and finally Friday is the Xmas drop in at the office and wrapping up work on the website before our annual shut down.

Take care of yourselves and I’ll see some of you this week and the rest of you in the new year.


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