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September 28, 2021
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Long time followers of Chrysalis will know that we are no strangers to change, to growth, to development and indeed to transition. If you have been with us a while you will have perhaps grown accustomed to the energy, the passion, the commitment which drive us ever higher.

Born from great aspirations

October 24th, 2017 was an auspicious day for Chrysalis. The day I started as Chief Executive Officer. The completion of my seven-year apprenticeship. Now came the time of change.

As October draws close my thoughts turn to those first six months. I remember all the volunteers and members who gave me their time. An hour here, an hour there. Up to Basingstoke, over to Bournemouth, down to Portsmouth. Going to the groups, meeting people, and discovering how big Hampshire is. Funding, donations, and a patron secured we had our firm footing to start our transition.

Exciting news

Today I am very excited to share that the next stage of that transition, the one given life through funding from The National Lottery Community Fund, is now ready to be released.

Are you ready for this?

Get your diaries out because I have three key dates in November for you.

Saturday 13th November is our Annual General Meeting (AGM).

I am so excited! Every year we make these meetings something more than the usual. A place to welcome new board members. The launch of a new constitution. The opportunity for me to use the words ‘stratospheric growth’ legitimately.

This year we launch our new business plan. It is testament to the change already implemented, to the hard work of all our staff and volunteers, that our old business plan has already been outgrown. We are already delivering more support to more members in more locations than we intended for 2023.

An ever more inclusive service

Maximillian our Member Support Coordinator will be sharing our latest innovation to make our service more inclusive, and our Volunteer Coordinator Carla will be celebrating our amazing volunteers and launching the new Volunteer Handbook.

Looking back over 2020-2021

An AGM is also a time for reflection. You will hear from our fantastic Chair Samantha Whitehorn and get to meet the powerhouse that is our treasurer, Andy McMillan.

Come along, virtually or physically, and be part of the change. Be the first to know. Even better be part of the change, be part of our incredible charity: stand as a trustee. Drop me a message if you want to find out more.

13th to 19th November is Trans Awareness Week

An opportunity for us to raise awareness and to tackle the issues trans* people and their allies face. Trans Awareness Week is the week we invite you to Fly the Trans Flag. To get out there and make your voice as an ally heard. We know that people who are supported make healthier decisions, make better transitions. For every visible ally out there another trans* person feels that bit safer.

20th November is Transgender Day of Remembrance

This day is a sad time of reflection. A moment to remember all those whose lives were taken by violence over the last year. Chrysalis will be supporting all our local TDOR events and running our own online event. If you want to be involved, contact Maximillian.

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