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May 30, 2022
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Volunteers’ week is a time to recognise the important contributions volunteers make to our communities and thank them for everything they do. We will be taking this week to celebrate our volunteers and everything they have achieved. Without them it wouldn’t be possible for Beyond Reflections to exist. They enable us to work towards a world where every gender diverse person is free to be their authentic self.  

Our volunteers have a huge impact on the community. They deliver much needed mental wellbeing support for trans+ people. Our volunteers create a space where it is safe for people to explore their feelings and help our members know that they aren’t alone. If you want to read more about how much of a difference our volunteers make on our members lives you should check out Max’s blog.


What we offer our volunteers 

We offer our volunteers high quality in-house training, so they are confident in their ability to deliver a high standard of support. Furthermore we strive to listen to both our members and volunteers on how we can continue to improve our service. We also act on feedback wherever possible to improve our support to our members and our volunteering team.   

A lot of our volunteers are counsellors who offer lifesaving one to one support to our members. Some of these are with us on their student placement and have made huge progress towards their qualifications during their time with us. Many of our student counsellors have continued with us after qualifying, and now work towards additional qualifications. 


What our volunteers do for us 

In the last few years, we have been able to extend our support to members across England and Wales. This is thanks to our volunteers delivering online group support and one to one counselling online and over the phone. As a result, due to the dedication of our group volunteers, we have expanded the amount of people we can support. We are currently looking at opening more online groups to get much needed support to the people who need it. Providing that support when they need it. 

It is easy to forget that we have other volunteer roles behind the scenes. I would like to give a specific shout out to all of the volunteers quietly giving their time. This includes website and social media volunteers, our dedicated consultation team, tech support, research, and development. You may not always be seen, but you are valued! 


Thanking our volunteers 

Our volunteers should keep an eye on their post this week. We are excited to be sending out handwritten thank you cards with a custom design to each and every one of them. 

What’s more, we will be rolling out annual certificates to acknowledge the many hours our volunteers have contributed to our charity. We will also be giving a special thank you to those that went above and beyond for us to keep our groups open over lockdown, reopening in-person groups after lockdown eased, and keeping down the wait times for our members. 


Want to get involved? 

We have a range of roles available such as running the support groups, getting involved with social media and events, or behind the scenes admin and IT support. If you would like to join our amazing volunteer team to deliver lifesaving mental wellbeing support to trans+ people, you can apply here.

Volunteers’ week celebrates everyone who donates their time to the causes they are passionate about. The volunteering done by those at Beyond Reflections helps us do deliver wellbeing support services to transgender and non-binary adults, and lets us work towards a world where every gender diverse person is free to be their authentic self. 

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