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Andi, Nick and Claire around the table discussing statistics
January 28, 2020
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A new week and so many new things for this old cat to learn. I’m pretty sure that when I convinced the board to let us upgrade the website and to move to WordPress it was because it would be easier for me, but now I’m faced with so many different options. What category do I pick, how do I upload images, where will my post appear? Gosh so many questions, and all a day late too.
So what’s my pitiful excuse? Well not content with lots of projects for Chrysalis I’m also doing a spot of home decorating and if there’s one thing I learnt this weekend, and you’d think I’d already be well aware of this, is that every project takes longer than initially anticipated and that the initial work always uncovers a host of other challenges. Suffice it to say that two days wasn’t enough and it needed another day to return the living room to a habitable state. Not so good that I’m posting pictures of the finished article on here though! If you were wondering why you hadn’t heard from me then I confess that I worked so hard I ran out of fingerprints and couldn’t even log on to anything!

But enough about the fun that is my life outside Chrysalis what’s been going on inside?

Well Samantha and I went inside! Yep, on Wednesday we packed up the travel bag, handed over our technology and went inside HMP Winchester for their Protected Characteristics Day. What a brilliant day. An opportunity to talk to staff and prisoners about gender identity and the work that we do. Every time I attend an outreach event I am reminded again how accepting and aware people are. Sometimes it can feel like the whole world is against you and then I go and speak to people and as always it reaffirms faith in humanity, that the world genuinely is becoming a better place, that authenticity is on the rise.

As always last week was another busy week and the biggest thing to happen was my meeting with Nick and Claire from the NHS. Between them they represent West Hants CCG (clinical commissioning group), Fareham and Gosport CCG, North Hants CCG, South East Hants CCG, and IoW CCG and we were discussing the results of our joint survey into trans people’s experiences of primary health care (at the GP practice). Some interesting results so watch this space for how your favourite charity is working with the NHS to make everyone’s experiences that much better. If you’ve had a great experience with your practice or your GP why not drop us an email and shout their praises?

Avid readers may recall that last week I was looking forward to meeting Frankie from Tudor, Frankie was one of my first allies and has been integral to us securing funding from Tudor for my salary for the last two years and we are in the process of applying for further funding from the trust so I can continue to give Chrysalis my all. Sadly South West Trains wasn’t on our side and Frankie was stuck at Waterloo, so we had a phone call instead. It was a good phonecall. Anyone who knows me knows that I have an internal timer that goes off at 50 minutes, clearly we were doing so much work that Frankie and I missed this alarm and carried on talking for nearly two hours! Now all I need to do is put some written words around the spoken stuff and our second stage application is in. 

Last week was also the meeting of the Southampton Hate Crime Network. Did you know there’s 30 organisations involved in fighting hate crime and building community cohesion in Southampton? Even better there are now over 70 third party hate crime reporting centres across Hampshire and all of them are listed on the Love Don’t Hate app which you can download from Google Play and iTunes to report hate crime across the county. For an emergency always dial 999 but sometimes it’s something more minor and you don’t want blue lights turning up, sometimes it’s words that you want to report but haven’t enough to identify the individual, sometimes it’s a sticker or graffiti. The app is there for all of this. Together we can fight hate crime and make our city and county a better place.

This week, well it’s the end of the month so this week is Supervision week. Can you believe that next month supervision will be taking place in the comfort of our new home? I still can’t. By this time next month I’ll have been in my new office for days. This month there’s a bit more travelling around for me and everyone else. Next month I might even have comfortable chairs for supervision in my office thanks to Carole. I really can’t wait.

Next week I should prewarn you. I’ve actually got a days leave booked for Monday so yet again avid readers my apologies but you’ll be seeing my blog on Tuesday not Monday. Never fear, I’ve only got a few more days to use up before I’m back on track.

Speaking about things in the future there’s volunteer Trans Awareness and Working with Trans Clients training on the 20th February, we are planning our next Chrysalis Away Day on Saturday 4th April, we’ve got our conference on Tuesday 14th April and our AGM will be coming in, or around, May because we moved our year end to 31st March.

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