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April 26, 2022
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Beyond Reflections offers training courses for everyone. From complete beginners to those who are already working within the field and who want to increase their knowledge and understanding.

Mental Wellbeing comes from being accepted, being included, being respected, and being heard. Since I started working at Beyond Reflections, our members have told me what they want you to know. I love delivering training, creating a safe space for trainees to ask me any questions. I learn so much from every person who attends my training, each question gives me better understanding of how someone else perceives the world.

Today’s blog is about our training courses. An invitation to you to come inside and see what it’s like to be gender diverse. Break down the barriers, cancel the you and us culture. We can help you in your quest to gain cultural competency, and broaden your understanding of the social and physical constructs of gender.

Training Courses

Trans+ Awareness training

A three-hour training course taking participants on a journey from the basic ‘does and don’ts’ to an understanding of the lived experiences of transgender, non-binary, and gender questioning (TNQ) people. Suitable for complete beginners and those with an interest in making their workplace more inclusive. Promoting mental wellbeing for trans+ colleagues, customers, and friends.

Trans+ Awareness training covers these topics:

  • Names, pronouns and trans identities
  • Understanding social pressures that inform our understanding of our gender identity
  • The Beyond Reflections model of gender diversity
  • Social and medical transition
  • How to be an effective ally
  • Creating an inclusive workplace

Suitable for individuals and colleagues. Groups of 10-20 trainees.

Working With Trans+ Clients

Adding this module onto Trans+ Awareness will empower your team to reflect on their own practice and begin to develop the cultural competency needed to work sensitively and appropriately with trans+ clients. This three-hour session is targeted towards the needs of the trainees. Empowers your staff to become advocates for trans+ inclusion.

Working With Trans+ Clients covers these topics

  • Gender identity and sexuality
  • Privilege, cliques, and the impacts of isolation on mental wellbeing
  • Gender Dysphoria
  • Impacts of social and medical transition on your client group
  • Understanding and challenging transphobia

Suitable for colleagues, or those who share a specialism across teams. Groups of 5-12 trainees.

Beyond Reflections trainers have a wealth of experience in all areas. We provide sessions which help you develop your practices to work with your client group and break down the barriers to understanding and acceptance.

Working With Trans+ Clients courses include working with older clients, counselling TNQ clients, counselling friends and family, supporting victims of crime (developed with the Crown Prosecution Service), working with clients with learning disabilities, working with students, managing shared accommodation, venue security, and many more.

Bespoke Training

Sometimes you need more, you need to work with us to develop training specific for the needs of your organisation. We have developed courses with Hampshire Constabulary, the Crown Prosecution Service, Liberty Student Living, Solent University, and many others. Contact our training advisor on


We provide support on policy development and have advised clients from Southern Health, Youth Realities, NHS Clinical Commissioning services, Hampshire Constabulary, and others on the most up to date terminology and creating inclusive practice. Contact to arrange an initial consultation with me.

Regular updates

To become culturally competent is to be flexible. Words change, understanding changes, experiences change. What was true for someone who transitioned five years ago, a decade ago is different to now. Trans+ people have always been here but society and the challenges that face those who transition are different. The world is more accepting, more understanding and yet there are always other roadblocks to navigate.

Our volunteers update their training annually to ensure our members receive the best support and I recommend you do to. Contact us to arrange a refresher training or have me or one of our other speakers talk at your next event.

Our credentials?

Informed by our work with trans+ adults since 2005 and constantly updated to bring the latest in real life experiences to our trainees. Beyond Reflections training courses are informed by the past and grounded in the present.

Beyond Reflections specialises in social transition, that part which affects those around us. We know everyone’s transition is different and through learning our model of gender diversity you will come to know that too.

Our trainers are a diverse group of people with lived experience of the issues affecting gender diverse individuals. They are experienced trainers committed to respect, accept, include, and thus empower trainees.

Why do I need training?

Everyone needs allies, employers need informed staff, you want happy customers. We empower you to create better, safer, more inclusive workplaces.

Our members tell us they do not feel safe at work. We hear about hate crimes and discrimination. We know that authentic (‘out’) staff are 35% more productive at work and witness daily the empowerment and achievement which comes from mental wellbeing.

Beyond Reflections Trans+ Awareness training will empower you in your quest to become the best ally you can be but don’t listen to me, listen to some of our trainees:

The session was very eye-opening and provided me with more knowledge and understanding.”

“[I] realised I was a bit ignorant and some of the things I thought I was getting right I was actually getting wrong. It has helped my understanding of what people might be going through and a bit more thoughtful about how I can help”

“I feel more confident to be more outwardly a trans ally now, and will show that I am.”

Revenue from Beyond Reflections training goes directly to delivering our life-changing mental wellbeing support.

Want to get the best training? Come and volunteer for us and gain real cultural competency. Work with our members, empowering them to understand themselves better so they can make healthy decisions.

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