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Bi-sexual flag "be proud and be visible" written over it
September 21, 2020
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Validity and Visibility

It’s #BiWeek2020, time to recognise and celebrate all the bisexual people out there with an international day of visibility on the 23rd September. Sexuality and gender identity are completely separate yet our shared experiences under the rainbow flag mean that it’s important to us here at Chrysalis to celebrate all gained freedoms, respect and understanding.

Trans people come in all shapes and sizes, all sexualities and none. For some of us finding out who we like can also be part of finding out our own identity, our own authenticity.

Bisexual means attracted to more than one gender, how that plays out in each person as unique as each and every one of us. Cut me down the middle and you won’t find any words interlaced though me to explain who and what I am, you can only see who I am by how I express myself. For bisexual people their own gender identity and that of others is a  component of attraction, for others (pansexual) their attraction to others is irrespective of the gender identity of the other.

Why do we need #BiVisibilityDay?

Why do we need any days of visibility? Because it gives people a chance to check their understanding, to see people like themselves out there and perhaps find their place of authenticity. In a world where we still tend to see people in mono relationships we see people with an other, and that other has a gender, it’s easy to put someone into a sexuality box, to define them by the person they are with and not the person who they are. #BiVisibilityDay gives us a chance to say that we know ourselves and we can be attracted to and love those of other genders too. It doesn’t mean that we’re going to, it just means that the potential exists within us. Coming out and saying “I’m bi” gives validity to all other bi people, people who perhaps have hidden their sexuality, felt forced into a binary box because of one relationship, and people who have always been out and proud.

I said that we’ve all grown up under the same umbrella and I can’t help but make the links between being bi-sexual and bi-gendered (non-binary), the world doesn’t exist in black and white, humans are flexible not rigid, and in having days when the whole wonderful spectrum is celebrated just makes everything more beautiful for all of us.

So hello to all those of you out there who are bisexual, who are in relationships with bisexual people and who love bisexual people. Hi to all of you who are just coming out and those of you who have been out for years. Hi to those of you who are perhaps thinking that this might be your label, starting to think, to investigate and to ask questions deep inside yourself. Congratulations on being you, authenticity is power, keep on being amazing, keep on exploring who you are, you never know what you might find.

Chrysalis World News Reporter Wanted!

Europe from space
Beautiful Planet Earth

Speaking of never knowing what you might find Chrysalis is recruiting! Are you interested in becoming part of our World News Team? We can’t pay you fantastic jetsetting salaries, you’re mainly going to be confined to your mobile devices and those safe home spaces but if you have an interest in trans and more broadly LGBT+ issues around the globe then we need you. Perhaps you have family in Kenya or visited and fell in love with Poland; perhaps you’ve studied and worked in China or want to emigrate to the USA; maybe following current affairs is your passion or you just can’t stay off the interwebs.

We are looking for people who can help Callum compile a monthly round up of what’s hot and what’s really not from around the globe. If you can donate an hour or two then contact or message him on any of our social media @chrysalisgim and get involved.

This week in brief

A whizzy round up of what happened last week and what’s on for this week in the life of your CEO

Work continues on Beyond Lockdown – How can Chrysalis co-exist with Covid-19, gosh but it’s a fast changing situation isn’t it? Last week and this I’m focusing on bringing back our face to face groups, with H&S training and a meeting with Laura, one of our volunteers and a covid-19 risk assessment specialist. We will bring face-to-face support back as well as keeping all the fantastic advantages that lockdown has brought such as the online groups and workshops, and our ability to offer counselling and groups to you regardless of geography.

Fly the trans flag poster
Get ready to Fly the Trans Flag from 13th November

Supervision and the launch of #FlytheTransFlag is coming, as well as development of our on-line training modules, if you’re interested in finding out more then email and working with the trustees on our third conference #genderidentitymatters coming through the internet to you on the 27th November

People listening to speaker
Chrysalis AGM – getting the latest how good things are going

The AGM is coming up too so Dawn, Sheila and I will be getting our heads together about that – watch this space for how to get involved and have your say.


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