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CEO's blog Cheers for volunteers. Photo of Andi with grassy background
July 12, 2021
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Chrysalis exists because of the hard work of all our volunteers. In this week’s blog I would like to introduce you to some of those who provide the backbone of the team. Some of these people have joined us only recently and some have been quietly dedicating hour after hour for years.

Keeping the computer fires burning

Starting from the top I would like to raise a glass to our IT volunteers. The incredible team which maintains the website, upgrades our computers, develops our Office 365 and SharePoint processes, seek out and help implement new software to manage our client records and generally keep our virtual world functioning. This one is for you An, Sammy, Deanna, Alex, and Ross

Amplifying our voice

Have you noticed our wonderful new logos? Having a skilled graphic designer on the team has moved us on from an over reliance on baby pink and blue to something much more nuanced. Robin, I thank you. Your Get Fit for Chrysalis logo is incredible. A design which incorporates all the flags and suggests motion. The magic of talent.

Marketing is getting a lot of attention. An area where Chrysalis has historically been lacking, we now have the dream team. Thanks to Russell, Carla, Callum and Em for your tireless dedication to improving our image and promoting our work. Watch this space for new Chrysalis merchandise and do check out our GF4C t-shirts and hoodies.

Putting in miles, minutes and money

This summer brings us Get Fit for Chrysalis. A new fundraising and wellbeing campaign and a new host of volunteers to our shores. Every single person who is raising money, entering miles or minutes, every person who donates is contributing to the lifesaving work we do. Each £100 we raise enables us to onboard a new volunteer for our Core Service Delivery (counselling and support groups). Thank you Paeton, Callum, Dexter, Robin, Ross, Krystle, Sophie, Dee, Dawn, Andy and everyone else. We are over 25% of the way to our fundraising target and only twelve days into the event. Not only are people running, walking, roller skating and hula hooping their way towards that target they are also making videos to encourage you all to get involved.

Pride! Building social connections

It has been a quite fifteen months for events but soon the wait will be over. Pride is back! Southampton, Eastleigh and Bournemouth Pride teams have all been in contact with us to talk about the future. Pride is always our celebration, our chance to be authentic in a safe environment. To raise awareness and to promote inclusion. For Chrysalis volunteers Pride brings the opportunity to engage with potential new members and supporters. Thanks to Jodie, Sammy, Sheila, Andy, Maximillian, Amanda, Julie, Fraeden and all the others who give up their Saturdays to take our stall on the road.

Great governance

Chrysalis is not simply a loose confederation of volunteers. Chrysalis is a tight knit team working hard to deliver superlative support. That requires good governance. Thanks to Sammy, Russell, Andy, Scott, Jenny and Paul for the many hours of labour you put in. You do not just hold us to account but your breadth of knowledge and professionalism is central to how we are developing.

Supporters are volunteers too

Finally, no thank you would be complete without a recognition of the work of our supporters. All our ambassadors and champions. Our coordinators and long-term friends and alumni. Everyone who shares our posts. Each of you who refers people to us. You are all valued, you are all critical to Chrysalis. Thank you.

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