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August 17, 2020
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Did you know it’s only 75 days until Halloween? That’s really not long to make sure that you have lots of inflatable dragons for the front garden and black and orange bunting for the hall. What are your plans? Are you looking forward to the dark nights curled up on the sofa with the heating on? Can you remember what heating is? I’m not sure I can. What a beautiful summer it has been, or am I alone in liking scorching hot nights and sleeping on top of the covers?

So I’m back to it after two glorious weeks off exploring odd parts of the UK that I think I would never have found if we hadn’t been in lockdown. We decided to go back to old fashioned map book navigation and enjoy the journey rather than the destination. We found trees that grew out of fallen trees, 12th century villages that were definitely contenders for quintessential Britishness and single track lanes with the occasional deer wandering along within earshot of the M25.

But this week isn’t about me, and my meanderings around the M25, it’s about Paeton and Callum and the ride of a lifetime. It’s about #TourdeTrans and going beyond gender and beyond borders. On Sunday we had the privilege of welcoming the riders and their fantastic support team into Southampton as they completed the fourth day of their ride from Lands End to John O’Groats, aided and abetted by Google Maps and beset by loss of sandwich our valliant riders braved the storms and the hills of the Jurassic Coast to ride from Weymouth to Southampton before heading up North on the second stage of their epic journey. Certainly a journey where the road travelled is more important than the destination. Joining Chrysalis with Safe Haven, linking us up with Manchester and Edinburgh.

Thanks to Josie and Callum for all their hard work in supporting the Tour, for Em in driving the support vehicle and everyone who is turning out to wave flags and brave our finest summer weather to cheer the riders on.

Paeton and Callum you are truly inspiring and already plans are afoot for next year. Definitely bigger, but never better than this first ride of a lifetime.

Check out the rest of the Tour on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and get ready to wave your flags as they ride #acrossBritainacrossgenders

And back in the mundane world of Hampshire and Dorset and the Pride cave that is my home office what is going on? A check of the diary shows that Dawn has been busy cos yep, lots of meetings for me! A chance to catch up with my counsellors, and then onto a meeting with Our House about the exciting prospect of LGBT+ supported housing opening in Southampton. I’ll be checking in with Cassie about the Trans Health Care project and also with the team about upgrading the office systems and the Client Relations Management software (CRM) project. Apologies but the geek in me loves this, finally getting us properly organised and so we can work remotely. The team has worked valiantly since March keeping all records confidential and safe and yet allowing us to communicate and continue the service, our Teams and Sharepoint project courtesy of the incredible Sammy has kept us together and sane and the CRM brings that together with all the hard work that An has put in on the website. Your charity is ever evolving, ever improving.

I think Dawn has left me some time in here to read through my emails but perhaps not until later in the week. Until then I’ve got my head down and I’m pushing on.

So one last cheer to Paeton and Callum and wishing them all the best as they travel up country.

See you all next week

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