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Get Fit for Chrysalis poster. White symbols of different forms of exercise on a black background. Contact us to find out more. Mental Wellbeing Through Exercise July 5, 2021 Campaigns, CEO Blog, Donations, Outreach, Tour De Trans Today’s blog is all about how exercising can help you feel good and help Chrysalis. Exercise as work There is… Read More
Cartoon characters engaging in sports. Get active and come together May 24, 2021 Announcements, CEO Blog, Tour De Trans The time of our connecting is nigh How are you all doing with your fitness challenges? Did everyone make resolutions… Read More
Tour De Trans Summer 2021 Tour De Trans 2021 Coming Soon February 16, 2021 Tour De Trans Tour de Trans is back! Building on the success of last year, Paeton McGuire will be back in the saddle… Read More
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