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Why Gender Identity Matters in 2020

November 30, 2020
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Thank you to everyone who came to our conference on Friday, to all our speakers and to Joanne Lockwood and Russell Thackeray who not only put the whole event together but who hosted it with such skill.

We wanted a conference that gave our attendees the tools to be better allies, to understand more about not the process of transition but what it is like to be trans, day in, day out and most importantly what it is like when being trans is simply an aspect of who you are.

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What a month November is proving to be! A record number of LGBTQIA+ people have been elected to into positions of power across the globe. What’s been dubbed the ‘Rainbow Wave’ in the United States, has seen 12 LGBT lawmakers elected to congress, ready to join AOC in her progressive stance. A number of those elected also came from minority ethnic backgrounds, another victory for frequently underrepresented communities! Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris has also shown her support to the trans community by putting profiles in her Twitter bio, setting a real example to other world leaders. Whilst this news in the States was something of a shock to some, in Belgium, Petra De Sutter was appointed Deputy Prime Minister - making her the first openly trans Minister in Europe - and her gender identity was a total non-event because the press was, for once, more intrigued about her ability to do the job than her gender identity. This is fantastic. This is real progress. This is a trans person finally getting to be a professional person and their authentic self, without questions. Away from politics, Caroline Paige has spoken about becoming the first trans person to serve in the British Armed Forces. Although she’s faced a lot of backlash, she did find some allies along the way. She says “People started realising it's not about who you are, it's about what you can do.”. This has sparked conversation internationally about the prejudice trans people can face when seeking employment in any field. Something that we will be looking at in detail during our Why Gender Identity Matters in 2020 online conference.[Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break] To finish our global news roundup, pop star and former One Direction member Harry Styles is breaking down gender norms by embracing wearing dresses. It’s caused quite a stir on social media, but the star’s outlook on crumbling the lines between men’s and women’s clothing in such a public manner sheds a real light on the idea that actually you can wear whatever you want, as long as you feel comfortable and confident. As this bending of binary gender roles comes into public sight, the path taken by trans and non-binary people becomes gradually less dangerous.

Global Rainbow Round Up: November

November 19, 2020
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What a month November is proving to be! A record number of LGBTQIA+ people have been elected to into positions of power across the globe. Dubbed the Rainbow Wavein the United States, 12 LGBT lawmakers were elected to congress. Many of those elected also came from minority ethnic backgrounds, another victory for frequently underrepresented communities! Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris has also shown her support to the trans community by putting profiles in her Twitter bio. She is setting a real example to other world leaders. 

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Reform of the Gender Recognition Act

September 22, 2020
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The government have published their much delayed response to the consultation for reform of the gender recognition act. I am saddened to read that no substantive changes to that outdated piece of legislation will be forthcoming although it is nice to be reminded that “the Equality Act clearly protects transgender people from discrimination.”
Trans people have been dragged through the court of vitriol and the subjected to the worst of human nature because the government consulted us and we said that it would be nice if they could make our lives a little
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Bi-sexual flag "be proud and be visible" written over it

Awareness, visibility and understanding

September 21, 2020
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Validity and Visibility

It’s #BiWeek2020, time to recognise and celebrate all the bisexual people out there with an international day of visibility on the 23rd September. Sexuality and gender identity are completely separate yet our shared experiences under the rainbow flag mean that it’s important to us here at Chrysalis to celebrate all gained freedoms, respect and understanding.

Trans people come in all shapes and sizes, all sexualities and none. For some of us finding out who we like can also be part of finding out our own identity, our own authenticity.

Bisexual means attracted to more than one gender,

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What on earth is CRM and why do we want it?

September 14, 2020
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For this mornings blog I’m going to take a broader view of what is going on, look outside the monitors on my desk and give you an update of breathtaking vistas, of change and development and innovation. Time to talk about the projects that are going on behind the scenes and in particular the software that is going to make all our lives easier.

I’ve spoken a bit about our CRM project and perhaps left you wondering what all the fuss is about, why would Chrysalis, who exist to support trans, non-binary and questioning people and their families and friends with

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Two people drinking protein drinks

Life – even sideways it’s beautiful

August 17, 2020
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Did you know it’s only 75 days until Halloween? That’s really not long to make sure that you have lots of inflatable dragons for the front garden and black and orange bunting for the hall. What are your plans? Are you looking forward to the dark nights curled up on the sofa with the heating on? Can you remember what heating is? I’m not sure I can. What a beautiful summer it has been, or am I alone in liking scorching hot nights and sleeping on top of the covers?

So I’m back to it after two glorious weeks off exploring

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Gender Explorers

Tour de Trans, lockdown and networking

July 20, 2020
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Every week on Wednesday the office team gets together for a chat to see how we are all doing. Back in the days of yore we caught up on the fly, we were casual and spontaneous, now we are organised. I remember back in the past when we interviewed someone and they asked us about staff briefings and meetings and we were so chilled, “they happen when they need to happen, but we generally have a full staff meeting once a month” we thought that was all we needed with everyone on part time hours. Work time was too precious

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Tran and enby flags hanging on a wall, cat on bed

What does it mean to be non-binary?

July 13, 2020
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A shout out to all the non-binary people and their allies out in the world. It’s international non-binary people’s day tomorrow 14th July and I’m here in my Pride cave surrounded by all the colours.

“What does being non-binary mean?” “Why do we need more than two pronouns?” and even “But there’s only two genders, I don’t understand!”

All very meaningful, and often very respectful questions. Being open to questions that come from a place of wanting to understand is part of what Chrysalis and I do. We are that safe space where you can come to ask, because no one should

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Cley Hill viewed from roa

The future really is coming

July 6, 2020
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It looks like the world is starting to turn again, with some hope coming back along with the sunshine. How did you spend your weekend? Did you get out to meet someone for the first time in months or are you still a homebody? I ventured out to see my grandma for the first time since the start of March, it was simply lovely to connect with her again after only having WhatsApp, her hair the longest it has been since she operated searchlights in North London in WWII she had reached the point where she didn’t want to do

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