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Chrysalis Virtual Pride

June 25, 2020
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Like many others, we have been missing Pride here at Chrysalis.

This evening we held a virtual pride for group members and volunteers. It Included a short speech from our CEO Andi and an LGBT+ quiz run by Robin, as well as a general hang out and chat.

We wanted to focus on a mostly celebratory tone, because whilst Pride is a protest, for us right now we needed a celebration – a celebration of people being able to be their authentic selves and be seen and heard as

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Friday Drop-In 29th May

May 29, 2020
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Another great drop in this week, lots of chatting about all sorts of things from hair removal to voice coaching and many other things, some trans-related others not. Next week the theme will be show and tell – an opportunity to show off what we’ve made, done, or treated ourselves to, or our favourite mug or pet.

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Southampton Group Rules

February 27, 2020
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The Southampton T&Q group who have just redone their group contract.

These are Laura’s words about the process. Laura is co-facilitator of the group:

At T&Q Southampton we have been doing our group contract, where everyone sits down and discusses what we want to have as our rules. As a new co-facilitator it was my first time being around for the writing of one and it was so helpful to get together as a group to agree how we want the group to run.

Before the session started the facilitators wrote up the structure of the sessions, in black at the bottom

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The First Bournemouth Trans* and Questioning Group

December 20, 2019
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After a lot of planning and consideration, last week saw the first Trans* and Questioning Support Group in Bournemouth. Our Dorset Area Co-ordinator Julie said the evening “Overall went very well,” and “Bearing in mind that as of this Monday at 9am we had no signed-up beneficiaries, I was pleased with how successful the evening turned out.” Julie spoke very highly of all of the team involved in making the first session happen.

Earlier this week, Dawn made a series of phone calls to people who had connected with us at Bourne Free, where Julie and others in the Chrysalis team

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