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April 27, 2020
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This week I would like to talk about sports supporter raising money for Chrysalis including London Marathon runner Amy , Paeton and Chris and our trustee Scott as they cycle from Land’s End to John O’Groats, our our incredible volunteers such as Olly providing one-to-one chats to keep people connected, and what I am involved with.

Congratulations to our London Marathon runner Amy who continues to run and raise money for Chrysalis in her home city, patiently waiting and training for the day that she can come over to the UK and run for us. Amy ran a socially distant marathon in Seattle over the weekend and has already raised £1000 for us. If you want to sponsor Amy then click


Fancy some exercise yourself, running not your thing? Well then how about joining Paeton and Chris and our trustee Scott as they cycle from Land’s End to John O’Groats later on in the year. Not a cyclist? You only need to add ‘yet’ to that and Paeton will be happy to train you and make you into the best cyclist you can be in good time to join them on one of the legs. Go on! Even I’m tempted – well surely being on week six of Couch to 5K means that I’m fit enough doesn’t it?


Chrysalis would be nothing without our incredible volunteers. It is only because of them that we have been able to turn our service from a place where people meet physically to one where we are able to support all our group members virtually. A service where we have contacted all of our group members and are now providing a massive 26 extra hours of volunteering a week to give people one-to-one chats to keep them connected. Today I would like to thank Olly – one of our Fareham and Portsmouth team who has given so much of his time to those calls. Being that friendly voice on the video call or phone who you don’t need to explain things to, he just gets it and is there for you. So thank you Olly and in the words of one of your group members “I am doing fine and enjoying the chats with Olly who phones me up for a good chat on behalf of Chrysalis. Really good service.


So many wonderful people, it’s so great to have a blog full of pictures of others and be able to talk about all the great things that are going on. This month of April has been full of startling changes and challenges, not least a sunny bank holiday weekend, and as it draws to a close your team here at Chrysalis continue to look to the future, to wrestle with software issues and to keep on trying our best to deliver the best service we can to you.

What’s on for me this week? Supervising, arguing with software (you would hope that after 30odd years Microsoft and Apple would have buried the hatchet), learning about Customer Relationship Management systems, training about social media thanks to Miss S and She’s Sassy Media and last but most definitely not least getting ready for the virtual #truinclusion unconference – intrigued? Check out for more information

So, see you next Monday. Yep, colour me surprised and clearly out of touch with the news as the first May bank holiday is now on Friday 8th May so that we can all celebrate the 75th Anniversary of VE day.

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