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Chrysalis logo (transgender symbol with trans flag colours and word "Chrysalis" in centre) on pink and blue background with "Fly the trans flag" in white underneath
October 5, 2019
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Chrysalis would like to introduce the #FlyTheTransFlag Campaign!

Everyone has the right to feel safe and included in our local community and not feel like they constantly risk being the victim of hate crimes. Join us and #FlyTheTransFlag to demonstrate you’re an ally of the trans community.

A Chrysalis Allies Campaign

Calling all the good people.

Help Chrysalis show that Allies Are Everywhere

It’s time to get your trans flags out and flying during Trans Awareness Week 13th to 20th November

“Walking past Southampton Guildhall this morning I see a trans flag flying! Honestly the first time I’ve seen such support outside of a Pride event. So I think that’s pretty great” DW

The month of November is one of reflection, of remembrance for all of us. A time when the days are growing shorter and the nights are drawing in. A time when lives lost to violence are mourned and a time when we hope that remembering those who have passed before will bring about a better time of peace, hope and an end to violence.

Chrysalis knows that it is only through the support of those around us that we can make the most of our authentic selves and that sometimes allies need help too, help to make your voices louder, help to show that you care. Being an ally can be as simple as saying listening to your friend when they come out to checking your company’s policies and procedures to make sure they are trans inclusive. It is as easy as amplifying trans voices and sharing trans experiences and drowning out the hate through affirmation. Being an ally means something different to each of us and we are all allies in our own ways. By flying the trans flag you are showing that you are safe, you are an ally.

Over the next two months Chrysalis will be sharing thoughts and words from allies and those who have been supported by allies. The voices of our group members, our volunteers and our supporters. Get involved. Donate £20 for a flag, commit to flying it somewhere visible from 13th November to 20th November, tell us why you #flythetransflag tag @chrysalisgim and share your pictures on social media

Go to our webshop to make your donation and get your £6 voucher for the flag of your choice. All monies raised go directly to delivering Chrysalis’ mission to support trans, non-binary and questioning people, their families and friends.

– Each £20 raised enables someone to access one-to-one counselling for a month

– Each £40 raised pays for one new person to access Chrysalis

– Each £100 raised allows Chrysalis to welcome a new volunteer

Your act of kindness will really make a difference.

With your support we can work together to promote inclusivity to ensure that everyone feels safe everywhere.

Don’t have a flagpole? Don’t despair! We have flags you can fly, flags you can wear and even flags for your desk for that extra bit of colour and support during video calls.

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