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July 26, 2022
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Welcome to the new Volunteers Round-up Blog, a place to celebrate our volunteers and their professional and personal achievements.

My name is Aster, I am the Volunteer Coordinator, and it is my job to recruit, train, and check in on all of our volunteers. We decided to launch this blog following the success of my CEO takeover blog, as a way for us to continue celebrating our volunteers.  


Since my take over blog during volunteers’ week in June, we have had 2 new active volunteers, 5 new volunteer applicants, and 1 counsellor reached the client hours they needed to become a qualified counsellor. Thanks to new volunteers we can expand our service to meet the increasing demand for mental wellbeing support for trans, non-binary, and questioning adults. 

In the last month we opened another online TNQ support group thanks to the increase in volunteers. Opening new groups means we keep wait times down for our members and support those who need it when they need it.  

Next month we will be reopening our friends and family support group with a trial group, made possible by two volunteers who are parents of trans children themselves. This group is a safe space for the friends and family of trans people to come to terms with their feelings and reach a place where the feel better able to support their trans loved ones. 


We are in the middle of pride season, we have had volunteers attend Portsmouth, Bournemouth, Isle of Wight and Brighton Trans Pride. Come and find us at upcoming prides to get a free pronoun sticker and meet the team. We will also be selling flags and pronoun badges. All the money raised from sales at pride go towards the services we provide.  

Thanks to our volunteers engaging the public at pride we hope to see more members accessing our support and more volunteers recruited to meet the demand for mental wellbeing support.  

Upcoming events 

We will be hosting our TNbake fundraiser in East Park, Southampton on Sunday 31st July. Come and chat with our team on the day and buy some delicious cakes. We look forward to seeing you all there. If you would like to host your own TNbake sale to support us, you can sign up here.

Want to get involved? 

We have a range of roles available such as running the support groups, getting involved with social media and events, or behind the scenes admin and IT support. If you would like to join our amazing volunteer team to deliver lifesaving mental wellbeing support to trans+ people, you can apply here. 

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