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Maximillian staff photo - the image shows Maximillian in front of some trees outdoors and smiling.
October 9, 2020
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Most conversations that I have about mental health are focussed on the negatives – poor mental health, diagnoses, medication, doctors and so forth – but today I want to look at the positives.

Poor mental health outcomes for trans+ people are largely around deficits – not enough acceptance (especially from family) and limited access to medical aspects of transition, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Trans+ people with accepting friends, family, partners and workplaces and enough access to medical support where necessary (for transition needs, not mental ill health) can have just as good mental health as everyone else.

That’s why our supportive spaces are so important for our members – we allow everyone to come in, be themselves and just be accepted, no questions asked*, all pronouns respected.

The best ally is someone who doesn’t make a fuss about anyone being trans (as discussed in my previous blog).

Are you that ally who accepts the trans+ person in your life for just who they are?


Unfortunately (and this is where I break slightly with my positive vibe) at Chrysalis we see people who aren’t accepted, don’t feel valued and struggle to access the medical care they need – this is where our support groups, counselling and in some cases keyworker support come in.

Did you know that currently our counselling capacity is at around 100 sessions per month? (and growing – we are taking on new counsellors)

That’s 100 sessions for people to feel accepted and understood, as well as be able to get things off their chests and work through past harms.

We also run a drop in online every week for an hour and a half, and five online peer support groups twice each month.

So if you need support, or want to get involved with giving support, why not come and join us?




*The only time we specifically ask questions is at member join up, most of which are things we need to check before supporting someone.

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