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July 31, 2020
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Well, the main theme of the week seems to have been “I didn’t really do much this week” before discussing a whole list of what we’ve each done. It turns out it’s easy to play down all the work we do and all the time we put into it – especially when we’ve been so busy all day that we get to the end of it and can’t remember any of what we did more than a couple of hours back!

This week became a reminder to me to stop looking at what I thought I should have done, but hadn’t, stop comparing my ‘obvious’ output to other people’s (especially as a lot of my work is ‘soft skill’ and has no visible output) and start to go back to ‘I am enough’ and ‘I do enough’. All good advice I give others and seldom take myself.

On the subject of things we’re doing, and following on from the facilitation training our volunteers now receive, I am about to run the first monthly support and facilitation skills workshop for our volunteers – a great chance for some peer learning and support and a space in which our volunteers can troubleshoot all their support queries together.

I am determined to give our volunteers a solid foundation from which to offer their support, and I hope this will also add value to the experience of volunteering with Chrysalis. We want our volunteers to be able to say that they had a great time volunteering with us, gained in confidence and/or skills, and would recommend us to others.

I can speak to that – as a volunteer I felt supported, trusted and valued, gained in confidence, and now I work here! Let’s aim for those kinds of feelings for every volunteer.

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