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February 16, 2022
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Why a spirit blog?

When I saw ‘World Human Spirit Day’ come up on February 17th on a calendar, I was immediately intrigued.

Looking into it, it’s a mix: simple ways to empower yourself, searching within for contentedness, and recognising that though our knowledge of the world is limited, we can be enough. 


That’s when I decided it was going to be the focus of this blog. Searching within and finding the real self is a huge part of being trans+ for most people. It’s about looking past the body and considering emotion, intelligence and creativity. 


Some personal thoughts

So what do I think of as human spirit? Raised in a family with several religions around me, I take a fairly secular view of it. Spirit, for me, is an essence of who we are, which may or may not transcend the end of our life.

It is the part of us that we strive to in some way free when we’re stepping out of expectations we find constraining. The part of us that we feel guilty about acting against. 


In my mind, this is the part of a trans+ person that says “this is what I am.” It needs acceptance, and often for the body to be modified around it. 


I have seen much of the guilt that some people have for not having transitioned sooner, or for not being ‘out’ earlier in life.

I have also seen how downtrodden the spirit of those who have not been able, or felt able to due to external factors.

This is what not letting the spirit thrive can do to people. 


So what next?

Let’s all take a moment to contemplate the possibilities we all have in life.

Let’s search inside ourselves and find the parts of us that make us who we are.

Let’s raise those above the things we dislike about ourselves. And alongside doing this, let’s support trans+ people we know to be able to do this too.

That is how people move beyond dysphoria, finding peace with their bodies, and maybe then moving into gender euphoria. 



So remember this message from World Human Spirit Day: find the simple ways to empower yourself every day, and if you have the chance, remind someone else that they can too. 




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